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ipad Case/Accessory discussion.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by hugodrax, Jan 29, 2010.

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    I'd say the Apple case wins over both of them.

    Now, if someone could replicate it in leather...
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    ^ Ya, the apple case was pretty beast.
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    imac g4 style

    Wish someone could come up with a iMac G4 themed accessory to hold iPad. Almost like "floating in the air" . Or is a good mod project from a broken iMac.


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    I also vote for the Apple case for $39, light, protective and can prop up the iPad.
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    damn i want the keyboard dock and the case.

    this thing is gonna make be broke:eek:
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    Not a direct accessory I suppose (?) but I've already ordered one of these in Black/Steel Ristretto for iPad.
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    maybe vaja will make one.
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    I like the Ristretto for iPad/Netbooks for $110, which I would also get the TerraGrip Shoulder Strap for an extra $20, so the total will be $130.

    Would you also get the Apple Case for it too, at $39? I think I will since the case lets me "kick" stand it up for better viewing or typing.

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    That Apple case looks amazing. They executed the case design extremely well.
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    Can someone confirm for me that the Apple Case folds all the way back? That would be amazing. Like being flat against the back of it, instead of slightly folded.
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    I will quite possibly but I'll wait to see it in the flesh before commit. I have ordered the "Absolute" strap for mine ($20) which is what I have on my current, larger, ristretto. That strap sticks to your shoulder like glue it's awesome :) The TerraGrip, which I can't comment on, is +$10.

    Depending on what it's like I'll either get the "wallet" Apple is making for the pad or pick up Apple's bluetooth keyboard. It should be able to live in the middle compartment of the ristretto no probs.

    Will wait and see :D
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    Be prepared for massive amounts of iPad accessory reviews on YouTube. It was and still is to a lesser extent flooded with iPhone accessory reviews.
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    Oh, so the Absolute is quite grippy too. I don't have square shoulders at all, more sloping, so definitely need a grippy strap. The website said Absolute is made for comfort, while the TerraGrip is all about grip not comfort. So I can have comfort and grip with Absolute. :) Then again, the iPad isn't heavy at all, so all grip and no comfort with Terra strap should be no problem.

    Good point, may not need the Apple "wallet" as the Ristretto will do all the protecting, and the keyboard dock and be used to prop up the iPad. Then I would also have a real keyboard if I need to write up a document.

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    iPad accessories make me want to get one.
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    Not sure the KB/Dock would fit in the bag. Here's some photos of my current Ristretto so you can get an idea of space available. Don't get me wrong you can pack heaps in a Ristretto..even a smaller one but I think the shape of the KB/Dock might be a problem...

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    lol same here the apple case is sexy as hell makes me think of a james bond gadget
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    WytRaven, thanks for the pics, yours are much better than on their website!
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    Hey no problem. I have no qualms whatsoever helping to promote a product I know to be good. My iPad version should be here within the next week so I'll do a little comparison shoot for you :p That way you'll be able to see the size/feature difference etc.

    That bag in the photos is over 2 years old by the way and I use it everyday. I take it to work with a sandwich case in the front pocket (amongst sundry other items), a tablet stand and fold up keyboard in the middle pocket, and of course the ST5112 in the tablet pocket. The middle pocket actually has some little mini pockets on the inside front one of which has my 3G modem in it.
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    I'd love too see if someone could create an ipad case with a built in keyboard
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    Just a big screen protector would be nice. I'm sure someone will make those.

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