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iPad Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by tfrees, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Did anyone get the apple case? Is it worth it?
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    I got the apple case and love it. Definitely think it's worth it :)

    The only thing is, in the case it doesn't fit in the dock, so be mindful of that :)
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    I like it, but I'm trying to figure out the correct way to hold the iPad with the case on. I've kind of defaulted to leaving it in "stand" form and holding it like a binder. Easier to pick up, set down, use on a table, etc.
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    My girlfriend got me the incase convertible book jacket. It is super nice but I honestly prefer using it naked most of the time.
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    After visiting 2 Best Buys, I finally located an iPad case at the Apple Store. I actually like the case a lot. It has a very slim profile and the iPad fits very snug. I wouldn't bother buying a dock, as you can't use it while the iPad is in the case. You will really like the option of folding the front cover over to elevate the iPad as you type.
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    My Best Buy was sold out of the cases, so I'll probably order one online instead :/
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    anyone figure out the reason behind the extra flap of material?
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    I walked into best buy to buy the case and made the mistake of asking one of the workers stationed in the apple section. He looked smart until he opened his mouth and said, "There is not an Apple branded case for the iPad" /facepalm

    Apples biggest mistake was having the stupid Best Buy employees touch their products. Those guys barely know their head from their a$$. Lol!

    To answer your question, yes, the case is well worth the money. Mine would not get here until Tuesday so I ran to my local apple store to get one. My iPad spent 30 seconds naked and that felt like too long.
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    Is it easy to take it out of the case? I think I will use it naked quite often.
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    I was very surprised by how thin the package was. I'm thankful I bought one because I got Steve Wozniak to sign mine, and the case is protecting his signature from dust, dirt, etc.
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    Yes, you tuck it in to lock the iPad in place. Put the iPad in and then tuck it in under the iPad. Look up some you tube videos that review it, it will show you how to do it.
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    You fold it in behind the iPad to protect the side, kind of like folding the flap of an envelope in.

    EDIT: azboricua posted as I was typing, getting slower as I get older.
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    Personally I dislike the apple case. I hate the sharp edges. If they could just smooth the sides out so that it was more comfortable to grip, it would be perfect.
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    I got same one, its sweet, works perfect
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    No it is not. My biggest beef with it. Otherwise the stand works great on your lap or desk.
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    That's how I am doing it too. Not sure about the apple case. We will see what else is out soon.
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    I picked it up even though I'm not crazy about the styling. The functionality is really great.
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    That incase is kinda pricey IMO but looks nice. Is it really great? Quality wise? How it feels? Does it stand up like the Apple case does both orientations?

    I'm trying to decide if I should order it right now since the Apple case is backordered a bit...
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    I kind of hated it at first. It obscures the pretty aluminum case for one, has sharp edges for two. And at first the "cover" seems to get in the way.

    But over time you realize it's easier to grip than the glass/metal combo of a naked iPad, and the "stand" functionality works very well. That functionality also lets you hold the thing like a binder to get a better grip.

    All in all, it's a decent case. It definitely does not fit in the iPad dock though, so don't buy both.
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    The extra flap is suppose to be tucked behind your iPad. I didn't know either until I saw instructions on the plastic sleeve that covered the case.
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    Did anyone here keep the original plastic on when using the case or is it just me?! lol kinda scared of having smudges and I'll probably keep it on till I get an iPad screen protector.
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    I got the Apple case and it looks nice. I'm still trying to find something as nice but cheaper on eBay. Hopefully I can find something before my return period is over on the case. If not then it won't be no big deal.
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    Yeah the incase one is expensive but after looking at them both in the apple store today i still went with it.

    The incase adds some bulk where the apple brand really does not however the incase feels good in hand and can be held like a binder or stand with three different adjustment levels. Overall i think it was worth it for me since i like the multiple stand angles for typing on my lap or viewing videos.
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    The incase one was sold out at the best buy close to me. They still had 30 ipads and 10 apple cases. I actually wonder if they sold out of ipads today. They had over 60 at open.

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