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    Not to long ago I saw a car mount for an iPad that mounted in the cup holder. I have looked through the both the iPad and iPad Accessory forums as well as performed several Google searches but can't seem to find it.

    This specific mount was different in that it was able to be tightened inside the cup holder by expanding. Attached to the base was a single flexible arm.

    Bracketron has a mount similar to this in that it had an expanding base but it did not have a flexible arm it was more of an articulating arm.

    Any ideas where I may have seen this?

    [EDIT]On second thought I would also consider any mounts that had the base I want but have a straight arm that pivots at each end.
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    Look at the Ram Mounts. I have the one that mounts to the seat floor bolt. I think they also have the cup holder versions.
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    I have looked at the Ram Mounts and am considering the same universal mount that can attach to the seat frame. Their cup holder mount is not what I am looking for.

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