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    On the eve of iPad HD being announced, here are my iPad predictions.

    A6 processor will be dual core 1.2Ghz/beefed up graphics. This will not be that big of an upgrade for people who already have iPad 2. Mainly because the horsepower to simply "push" that many pixels of the 2048x1536 display will be massive. Therefore actual "performance" will be very similar to iPad 2 in its current form.


    The Screen will be beautiful at 2048 x 1536 Hopefully no massive light bleed problems that took months to work out.

    Yes there are negatives! Because this display has so many pixels, 1080p is not a big deal as its indistigushable from 720p on a freakin' 9.7 inch display.

    Also, its going to take months before devs of your favorite apps have iPad "retina graphics" ready to go. A few still don't have retina graphics for iPhone!

    Front camera will be FaceTime HD camera found in current iMacs. Rear camera will be 5MP camera found in iPhone 4.


    New Apple TV box with 1080p. Apple will now change its tune and talk about why 1080p is the GREATEST THING EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!! This will be nice for Netflix and HD streaming from the iPad.

    But as I said earlier 1080p video is not going to look any better than 720p on the iPad itself.

    Oh yeah and its gonna look identical to iPad 2.

    OK, I'm done!
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    Oh a prediction thread! Awesome and unique.
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    ohmygod you are inventing a product to compete against the iPad 3!!!!111
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    I want to see cores duel.
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    All we need now is a "How will buy the new iPad thread?"!.. Oh wait.
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    Cool story brah!

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