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iPad mini iPad Mini - Amazon

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Ellethor, Nov 14, 2012.

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    That is b.c it is sold by a 3rd party....not amazon
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    Chupa Chupa

    I don't understand why so many people do not understand that products sold directly by Amazon state "Ships and sold by Amazon," and that everything else, whether Amazon ships it or not is sold by 3rd party and priced by that 3rd party, not Amazon.
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    Maybe because they don't bother to read?
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    Because generally people aren't that savvy.
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    exactly. Amazon is just a "safer" ebay/craigslist unless you buy directly from amazon.
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    my concern is not with Amazon, is for the price... 73$ more is a insane for a mini ;)
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    Didn't you read? The price isn't set by amazon. It's set by sellers that sell through amazon. Heck, I can list my mini on there right now for $1000.
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    Chupa Chupa

    Yes, I agree. But the way you phrased your statement it implied it was an Amazon price and it's not. It's a 3rd party price on Amazon. Amazon has no input on how 3rd party resellers price their items.
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    It's no different than what sellers on eBay do...
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    Last week the iPad Mini and iPad4 had a lot of 3rd party selling for regular price. But these were real stores and once their inventory cleared then the remaining sellers started raising prices.

    Its a shame because I traded in the wife's iPad3 at Amazon ($575) right before they announced the iPad4 with the intention of getting her an iPad4 but I waited too long and now can't get a good price. This may be a good thing because instead I got her an iPad Mini to try out and she likes it enough to skip this generation and wait for the iPad5.
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    This is very useful information if you shop there. Amazon doesn't police this and many, many, very unscrupulous vendors use this ignorance to their advantage and mark up some items beyond belief.

    I've see quite a few items marked up a 200 to 500%. The ones they do this with aren't presently available so when you search for your item, it hits on the bad vendor. Often this unavailability is just a temporary thing, with the crooked vendors in for the lull. There are probably a hundred or more of this type of thing going on right now.

    Amazon is truly a jungle.
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    If Amazon is a jungle it has a well-marked and easily navigated path. Just confirm that the seller is Amazon or a trusted 3rd party (e.g. J&R). As a Prime member, I filter all searches fro Prime sellers. Usually the easiest step to pick through the chaff.
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    amazon is so much less appealing for me shopping wise as here in CA they now charge sales tax so no advantage from buying from them or a brick and mortor
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    Amazon is not an Authorized iPad Reseller, therefore EVERY iPad (mini and full-size) sold on Amazon is from a third-party seller who is looking to make a quick profit. It's not like buying an iMac, MacBook, iPod, etc., which are all sold directly by Amazon.
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    Yes I do this also (love prime...too much :D )

    But, it's sad the way it's a free-for-all. Even the review setup is bad, as they don't require ownership.
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    Amazon only sells their own tablets. No ipad, no nexus, etc. It makes perfect sense, though seems a little odd since Amazon is primarily a retailer.
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    i can get 2 Nexus 7s for that price!
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    Forewarned is forearmed. Amazon does certain things very well. For whatever reason ("money") they opened their system up to 3rd parties, many of which are really good and reliable vendors. "Opening up" also attracted some riff raff. Just like walking through dangerous areas by yourself late at night, steer clear and you'll be fine.
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    It's interesting, but i can tell you have awareness with places like this: Ebay, Amazon, markets in general. I also am like this. But there are many people (surprisingly) who are not, and probably never will be, even if they are burned. I don't understand it, as it's rather complicated.

    I mean, how does nature/nurture play into this?
    I'm sure there is a lot of info about this, as it's really a fascinating subject.
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    I wish Amazon would default to "Amazon Only" sales and allow 3rd party as an option. I know how to filter everything but my wife and parents constantly tell me about these "great deals" they see and always turn out to be 3rd party.
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    Agreed. Resellers on Amazon are just like people who sell on ebay or Craigslist. They can list whatever price they want on their items. It is the buyer's responsibility to make an informed purchase.
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    Like you said, the ability to filter is already built in. Also, by default when you go to an item, if Amazon sells it they usually put their price on top, but with a message that it's available for cheaper from other sellers. What else do they need to do? Like it or not, the 3rd party sellers on Amazon are Amazon customer's too.

    At some point we have to stop blaming the system (in this case Amazon), and blame the user.
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    My wife sleepwalked her way through a purchase on Amazon which ended up charging her a lot for shipping until I pointed out the various ways that products can be sold through Amazon (and also pointed out that as Prime members, if you choose any option with shipping it's a cue that you've strayed off course). She's now more vigilant.

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