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iPad mini iPad Mini Back Skin (no sides)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Roy Hobbs, Nov 23, 2012.

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    I've given up looking for a decent case for the iPad mini. Does anyone know of any back only skins for the mini? BEst skins ever has one but it also covers the sides. I am looing for something that is just the back

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    Dodo case used to have one...google
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    That's not a skin, nice try
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    Mental note....never try and help Roy again.....
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    Since tone is lost in text, i'm going to assume that you weren't being a smart ass to someone that was trying to help you. As for it not being a "skin", I guess it's only not a "skin" under your definition, because Dodo Case considers it a skin...

    IMO, anything that is not a case and is applied using some sort of adhesive would be considered a skin. This includes BSE, Zagg, Wrapsol, iCarbons, **********, and even Dodo Case BookBack.
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    Correct, that is what I am talking about. A clear skin that only covers the back. Not a case that only covers the back
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    The Dodo Bookback IS a "skin", but is a leather skin, not clear. You did not specify "clear" in your original post, so Glen E's recommendation was a good one based on the info he had to go on.
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    I have ghost armor full body

    It covers 97% of the ipad mini
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    He doesn't want it to cover that much.
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    I believe most of the skins that are out in the market currently cover only the back and not the sides.
    Dodocase bookback for ipad mini looks pretty nice. It looks like on their web, they carry one for the black logo and red logo. However, I am not able to see the images in the red logo. Is that just me?
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    All the clear skins wrap around the sides as well, not really interested in that. I just want something to use with a Smart Cover
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    I'm pretty sure a Smart Cover will still work over a skin since the SC uses magnets. Can anyone confirm?
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    works fine over icarbons or any skin made of 3m Di-noc
  15. madlovemonkey, Nov 23, 2012
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  16. bajaracing, Nov 24, 2012
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    I decided to make my own simple template, and print one. Came out pretty cool. My case is a tight fit tho. I laminated my skin with a Matte lam and it kinda thick, but protects well.



    I've been using the same skin on my iP4s for a year now. Holding up great so far.
  17. ron7624, Aug 8, 2013
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    Back only not the sides.

    I see this is a pretty old thread, but I want the same thing as Roy. A clear back only that doesn't wrap up on the sides.
    I found this on eBay. Although it is not clear, it is the only skin I've found that covers the back only. 6 bucks from China and I'm going to use it as a template to cut down a skinnomi tech shield. ( my search was: glossy sticker ipad mini - other colors and textures are there too)
    I love the tech shield, but using it with a cd slot mount device in my car is causing the edges to start to peel. It's looking terrible now so I'm going to replace it with my cutdown.

    Which also raises the question in my mind--is the sticker boy clear skin any heavier than the skinnomi? It costs 10 dollars more so is it worth the higher cost?

    And back from rambling, has anyone found a clear back that doesn't cover the sides?
    Regards all

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    How do you make that? Looks great!

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