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    iPad Mini Invellop Case Review

    $14.99 For Black- http://www.amazon.com/INVELLOP-Leatherette-feature-MD531LL-MD528LL/dp/B009JRMBVG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353117995&sr=8-1&keywords=ipad+mini+invellop+case

    $19.99 For All Other Colors- http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=ipad+mini+invellop+leatherette&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aipad+mini+invellop+leatherette


    • Very thin profile
    • Looks and seems like the Apple Smart Cover
    • All slots are easily accessible
    • Feels like an expensive nice leather case
    • The smart cover stay attatched to the screen
    • Smart Cover feels like a nice leather and isn’t too stiff or flappy
    • Bazillions of colors
    Colors available:
    — Black
    — Brown
    — Dark Magenta
    — Grey
    — Orange
    — Pink
    — Red
    — Vintage Blue
    — Lime Green
    — White
    — Navy Blue
    — Purple

    • The back feels very hard and protective
    • Bottom of Smart Cover is a nice soft smart cover
    • All ports and slots are easily accessible
    • Thin but feels strong

    • Smart Cover!
    • Has two different angles for typing and viewing video
    • Again very thin and comparable to the Smart Cover

    Final Verdict

    Out of all the cases I’ve reviewed this is easily the best. For only $14.99 you get the great looks and colors of the smart cover and luxury feel and looks to it too. This doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap it feels like a case that could be easily priced at $40+ , like the Smart Cover. If I had to buy any case at the moment, this would be it.

    This was a quick written review for the Invellop Smart Case. You can check out my channel in the description for the full review. I'll try my best to upload some pictures if I have the time tomorrow.

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    When you flip the cover over, like a book, does the magnet hold on to the back? If so, how strong is the hold?

    I like the Apple Smart Cover, but wish the magnet was stronger on the back to keep it held in place.

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    Yes, the magnet does hold onto the back. It appears strong enough to me. This is a great case.


    To the OP:

    At present the only case color for the mini is the black. The other colors are for the regular iPad.
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    I love love love this case, and the price is a STEAL!!
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    Oh wow I'm interested in this, but the only color I see available is black?
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    At the present, black appears to be the only available color. Luckily that was my preferred choice. As an earlier poster said, it is a steal at this price.
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    I'd be also interested in where one can get more colors :) There's only black and navy on amazon as far as I see
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    For anyone who has....honestly, how is the weight with it on?

    Someone on Amazon said it goes to about 425g with the cover on.

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    It's a case so you'll feel the weight, but only a little. It has a great feel to it though, I thought the naked Mini was sometimes uncomfortable to hold since it is so thin.
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    I love this case! When you fold it back into the stand/typing feature...it holds with the magnet. I use a stylus and with the case closed, i can put the stylus on the front and it stays put (as long as their is metal on the stylus).

    It does add some weight, but its not horrible. I think any case you put on the mini is going to add weight...its a given.

    For the price, its an excellent case.
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    Here are more pictures. Just realized you can only upload five per post.

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    Got this case yesterday from Amazon. Overall a very nice case for the price.

    For me....it just added a little too much bulk and weight to the iPad mini. I know it sounds crazy.....but the lighter the mini is, the more noticeable any weight added to it is. For some....this is probably a thing thing.....not for me.

    I love the mini's weight with just the Apple Smart Cover.....my only problem with the Apple cover is that the magnets are too weak.

    But this Invellop case is nice.....just not for me.

    My very rough unscientific weight measurements were:

    I read a lot at night.....and love the mini's weight and size.....so I really don't want to add any weight. I'm not looking for drop protection. I mainly bought the Invellop because of the stronger magnets. The magnets are much stronger than the smart cover magnets....and they DO hold when you flip the cover around to the back.

    If someone could just make a smart cover knockoff with a magnet that is strong enough to securely hold onto the back of the mini.....I'd be sold.

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    That's one ugly case.
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    +1. Why anyone would ruin the beautiful design of Mini with a bulky and hideously-looking case like this one is beyond me..
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    I received an email from Invellop yesterday advising that all colors that are available on the regular iPad case will be available for the Mini by pre-order this coming Monday.
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    Hey! At least it appears to have a nice scrotal texture :p
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    Got this case with my iPad mini for Xmas and I love it. Doesn't seem to add to much weight and adds good protection as well as grip.
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    Corners of the ipad mini

    Hi, Just wondering if this case protects the corners of the ipad mini against being dented in a fall?

    I've got a case that I've been using which is quite a bit bulkier than the invellop smart case, but it has the fatal flaw of leaving the corners exposed and my ipad has dents at each corner from being dropped on the floor. :(
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    Just bought a red color case to couple with my new black 32GB mini. I think the product is totally descent of the price (about $15). Yes, it does add some bulk and weight, but again, for the price I don't have any complaints. I also bought a pack of clear screen protector from the same company.

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