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iPad mini iPad mini lightning dock

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by 3soteric, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Looking for a dock as above - there are a few out there for the iPhone 5 but i cant seem to find any for the iPad mini...

    Anyone seen one?
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    Not really the answer you were looking for probably, but I've been looking EVERYWHERE and I'm thinking there simply isn't one.

    Ideally there would be a dual ipad mini/ iPhone 5 docking station but I've not seen that either.

    Ahh well. Perhaps someone else will come to the rescue.
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    thelightningdock.com works with iPhone 5 and iPad mini

    I ordered one, I'll post pics when I get it
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    I've been looking at that one as well. Was wondering if back support is necessary for the mini.
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    Count me in on Lightning dock!!

    They sent e-mail to me that they shipped out yesterday. Sadly, no tracking information available :(

    However, I didn't order back support since I have Joy Factory Smart Suit on my iPad Mini. I am afraid that it will not fit with back support. However, it seem like back support is removable. :(

    I will post some update when dock arrive!!

    Also, Check Dock+ on Kickstarter. It seem nice, I might order one if Lightning dock doesn't not work!


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    Got the dock today...the mini works without the back support, however, you can't really use it on the dock as its kinda flimsy without the back support, I have a back clear case on the iPad mini.



    The iPhone works without the backsupport pretty well, but if u have a thicker case it might not fit with the backsupport on. I have a SPG Neo Hybrid and it fits with the backsupport but its tight.

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    iPad mini dock


    This is a link to an interesting iPad mini dock.
    It uses the original apple lighting cable and the finish is crystal/glass matching the iPad mini. Also works for the other lightning compatible devices.
    Also found on amazon and ebay
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    Is there any that look like the iMac stand?
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    Absolutely annoys me to no end how Apple is being so tight with the Lightning technology. It's really making me a bitter Apple consumer, because I spent all that money for a Mini and an iPhone 5, and they're basically preventing 3rd parties from making accessories. To make it worse, they have none of their own (ie docks like every previous phone and iPad have had).
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    Arghh....can't somebody make a dock that actually supports the back of the iPad? I found a really nice wooden/brass steampunk dock for the iPad mini/iPad 4 on Etsy, but it's $175...a little too rich for my blood. I found another really nice one on Etsy for the Mini, but it looks like it won't work with the smart cover attached, so I'd likely have to remove the smart cover to put it in the dock.
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    Thanks. I ordered the same one. Your review helped.
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    I got one from dx and it was an absolute Pyle of crap. I would expect most of the cheap Chinese first offs to be as bad. The connectors are plyed wire and could very easily break off in your device.

    I'm all for cheap and cheerful and I use many things from mono price but dx I'm done with. Every item ever ordered has been garbage. Those are what you see on ebay.
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    DX and ebay both have both crap and gems. The one I linked to my review of is from DX, but as you can see from the images from when I took it apart to expect its internals, it's not bad. I always take apart cheap things to see inside, even just from one identical unit to the next. Sometimes it's good, somethings not. I also have a $26 iPad mini bluetooth keyboard from DX that is beyond awesome.
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    I'd love one that holds the ipad mini horizontally. Would make the perfect alarm clock dock.
  20. yyr, Mar 29, 2013
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    Wow ... I like the one from kickstarter. I can't wait to see some reviews.
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    I bought one of these - it works alright for the mini: all it takes is a slight tap to push it over, however, as the mini definitely puts too much weight up top for a device designed for the iphone.

    I will also mention that this device WILL NOT work for the full size ipad - it's just too heavy. It fits fine, but unless you're taping the dock down, you're not going to be able to make it work.
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  24. yyr
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    :( Thanks, I'll probably pass.

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