iPad mini ipad Mini Otterbox Defender case question.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Hooterville, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Does the Defender case for the iPad mini have a bad oil slick/rainbow problem?
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    No it doesn't. Want to buy mine?
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    Hey Hooter, did you get your Atlas yet? No oil slicks on that baby. :)
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    didn’t know the otter had a case for the ipad what do they run?
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    Gee, I don't know how you would ever find this information. If only there was some kind of interconnected web of information that you could search.
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    try this

    Easily by asking here where someone has already bought one and maybe at a deal and actually save time instead of hunting through the web you should try it some time you might save a buck and an hour of your time if you value it as much as you shown here.
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    Holy run-on sentence batman!
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    what is this problem, if its with the screen protector don't know as it was the first thing to go on the case after the packaging, the rest of the case is fantastic

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