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iPad Mini Ship Times Drop to 3-5 Days on US, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong Apple Online Stores

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 25, 2013.

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    iPad Mini ship times have dropped to 3-5 days at a number of Apple Online Stores around the world, including the U.S., Canadian, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Japanese outlets. This was first noticed by iPhoneinCanada.ca.

    The most notable exception to the shipping time improvement is the European stores, which have a 2 week lead time.

    During its first quarter conference call, Apple executives noted that the iPad mini was constrained for the entire holiday quarter. The company believes it can achieve supply/demand balance on the mini by the end of the March quarter.

    Article Link: iPad Mini Ship Times Drop to 3-5 Days on US, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong Apple Online Stores
  2. mrsir2009, Jan 25, 2013
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    Seems like dropping the PZ supplier didn't have much effect on the waiting times.
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    Wow, you went there....
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    Figures. I just ordered a mini for my grandpa and had to wait a week and a half for it to come.
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    Waiting 4 Retina!
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    In my experience this is standard for the UK. What Amazon will happily deliver tomorrow, Apple (and Google too from its Play Devices store) make a promise for a few days. I've no time for that. Once I decide I want something, I'd rather take it tomorrow than wait for next week. I even backed off buying a Chromebook today, after I noticed Amazon were quoting delivery in "business days". Amazon mostly delivers though.

    Paint me impatient if you want.
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    You're not the only one! I just hope I don't have to wait until October for it.
  9. Codyak, Jan 25, 2013
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    Retina or bust.
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    The more they sale the more their stock prices drop.
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    Same here. In an other rumour it was predicted the updated mini will released March. Please, let it be true!
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    It doesn't make sense for Apple to release all of their iOS devices in Sept/Oct. with nothing of significance being released the first half of 2013 so that's why I think there's hope for a March iPad release and possibly the iPhone in June.
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    Yeah, supply will catch up with demand at the end of the quarter— when everyone stops buying in anticipation of the refresh!
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    They will continue to sell lots of them, particularly once the new one is announced and the price of the older model drops to $279.
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    I feel the need to follow certain trends, so here I go:

    Apple is doomed because demand has decreased!
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    Same here - Retina or Nada.
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    I'm waiting for the ipad mini 2nd gen not really for the retina but for the specs . The 1st gen ipad mini is ipad 2 so I hope the ipad mini 2 comes out march !!!!! I sold my ipad 2 to buy the
    Mini till I found out about the specs. Hoping for march !! Don't wanna wait till October
  18. cgc
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    Way to alter the quoted message to suit your needs.


    Yeah, I want retina and A6 in the next Mini then I'm buying one. Whether it's March or October I'll wait.
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    YAY! I'll be ordering mine soon!

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