iPad Mini Ships with Same 5-Watt Power Adapter Bundled with iPhones

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    Since the announcement of the iPad mini last week, there has been some discussion about whether Apple would include the smaller 5-watt power adapter typically bundled with iPhone models or the larger 12-watt adapter intended for the latest full-size iPad models.

    One report from just after Apple's media event indicated that Apple would be shipping the larger 12-watt adapter with the iPad mini, but iPhoneinCanada.ca noticed soon after that the Apple Store iOS app was showing a photo of the smaller 5-watt adapter as part of the iPad mini package contents.

    One MacRumors reader was able to purchase an iPad mini from his local Walmart yesterday and confirmed that it does indeed ship with the smaller 5-watt adapter.

    Portion of 5-watt power adapter visible in lower right corner
    The 12-watt charger (or its 10-watt predecessor) could charge the iPad mini more quickly than the 5-watt adapter, provided that the iPad mini itself would allow more than 5 watts to be drawn from the charger. Any of the adapters can be used with any iOS device, but both the adapter and the devices themselves specify how much power can be drawn. For example, an iPhone will only draw 5 watts regardless of which adapter it is plugged into, while an iPad will draw the full wattage on any of the adapters, with the lower-wattage adapters obviously charging the device more slowly than higher-wattage ones.

    With the iPad mini's battery having three times the capacity of the iPhone 5's battery, charging the iPad mini through the included 5-watt power adapter would take considerably longer than charging an iPhone. If, however, the iPad mini is capable of drawing higher wattage, users may prefer to charge the device through a larger 10-watt or 12-watt adapter intended for the full-size iPad.

    Article Link: iPad Mini Ships with Same 5-Watt Power Adapter Bundled with iPhones
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    anyone got actual times of charging?
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    If the iPhone takes about an hour to charge.. this iPad would take, what, three? Is there any difference in size or is this simply to keep the price down?
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    If it doesn't take 6 hours or a stupidly long time to charge, then I don't have a single problem.
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    I always charge over night anyway
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    Deal Braker

    That's it. That's the deal braker for me. I was going to buy 2, now I won't.

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    Gee, if the iPad mini is indeed capable of charging at 10-12W but they only included a 5W anyway... way to nickel and dime every bit of that $329..
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    The only way to know this is to confirm the charging times between the 5 and 10/12.

    Hopefully tomorrow, someone with a iPad 3/4 charger tries charging their mini.

    I hope it does, cause this would mean charging at 12w would be 140% faster.
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    Cost cutting....
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    Damn straight!

    I would have paid $499 if they came with a 12W - but not now. I have buying power for all the schools in the entire western hemisphere, and Apple just lost my business!

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    The iPad Mini 2: New, improved charging technology that charges your iPad Mini at over three times the previous rate. Revolutionary.
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    Probably it's not 5 watts even though it looks like the 5 watt adapter. Probably it's a more than 5 but less than 10.
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    I always thought that an iPhone charges faster when plugged into an iPad charger. This makes much more sense though, it was probably all in my head.
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    I bet this is done to stimulate the sale of the new 12W adapters.. Should have come with one of those. Although the small ones are kinda handy.
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    I charge my **** in whatever plug I have available. Never had issues.

    iPhone 5 is the same way. If the USB plug fits in it then its charging in it.

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    The obsolete ipad 3rd Gen 10 watt charger would probably be ideal for the mini.
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    My 10w charger definitely charges the iPhone faster.
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    Apple should dump a few billion into R&D of batteries. If we could come up with a technology to sustain power to devices for YEARS.... wow.
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    It's an iPod Touch battery...just 3x bigger. The iPad Touch battery max wattage is 5W. So it's not a shock that the max wattage is 5W.

    If you think that the max wattage is 10W (or 12W) and that Apple would ship a 5W charger to save money - you clearly don't follow Apple closely.
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    Bummer. I was hoping the iPad mini would include the new 12W charger so I could try it on my iPad 3 to improve the charge times with it!
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    OK, that was pretty funny... ;)
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    "For example, an iPhone will only draw 5 watts regardless of which adapter it is plugged into ..."

    Wait, what? Then why does my iPhone 4S charge so much faster when plugged into my iPad charger?
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    who cares... charging faster just means more heat build up.. I for one am glad the charger is a lower wattage.. also it has a smaller battery than the larger iPad...

    Typed out on my 57 Inch :apple: TV.
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    I thought the same thing and it was all in my head.

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