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iPad mini iPad mini sleeve or case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Lortimer, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Hey guys,
    new here. I got the iPad mini and
    ive been researching cases and sleeves for it.
    What would you guys recommend?
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    I recommend you read the 100 or so threads here on this subject....
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    If you're going to say that, at least post the link to the thread.

    Lortimer, here's a huge thread discussing the different types of cases for the iPad mini.

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    thanks hazy cloud!
    Been looking around and saw this gem,


    Personally im not a huge fan of sleeves,
    what are ya thoughts?
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    It looks nice. I actually prefer the leather sleeves over other ones. Whoa, $95? That's pretty high.
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    And with all but two replies, yet another cases/sleeve thread is born. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah hazy cloud it was super expensive!
    But on the website they mentioned that it was
    a geniune horween chromexcel leather so it was def
    worth it. For y'all that arent leather afficionadas like me-
    Horween Chromexcel is like the premium of premium leather.
    I just ordered mine! Waiting for it in the mail
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    How about HardGraft?
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    My living with the smart cover and clear back shell for the Mini, no case or sleeve.
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    I just ordered a portable keyboard for my ipad mini. The keyboard connects to the iPad mini like a laptop but it leaves the back of the Mini unprotected. I need to find a sleeve that fits the Mini and Keyboard too. What would you guys suggest?
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    The SwitchEasy CoverBuddy, but I'd probably go with a skin from iCarbons instead depending on how the keyboard connects to the iPad. A CoverBuddy may not work.
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    Here is how I roll:

    Joli sleeves and a saddleback satchel.

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    Personally I like cases. I'd recommend this one from poetic.
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    I bought a neoprene bag from Big Lots (if you have them near you go look at their ipad accessories). It's the perfect size for the ipad and if I ever decide to put a cover on it, will still fir in bag. It also has a zippered pocket on the front for my accessories. Cost $6.
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    If you aren't using a Smart Cover, you may want to go with the Incipio Feather. Of course there's no way to know if either one will work until you actually try one.

    If you're real worried, a skin may be your best bet.
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