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iPad mini iPad mini smart case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Urindanger, Nov 24, 2012.

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    have no seen a smart case that is similar to what Apple has done to the big ipad, but for ipad mini? :)
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    I just ordered the khumo one for the mini last night. A lot of people that had it for ipad 2/3 have good reviews and there are few reviews for the mini version on amazon. I ordered the red one... I'll post review when I get mine.
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    Can you post a link. I could not find it on amazon
  4. cali0028, Nov 24, 2012
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    Here is the link

    its like 12.99 so not bad for the price. I've also looked at the youtube reviews for the ipad 2 and it looked pretty good as well.
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    I can't wait until Apple comes out with a Smart Case for the iPad mini. They should have released it alongside the iPad mini and Smart Cover.
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    Key word is IF they release it.
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    FML! Cant order it to sweden :( but it's looks sweet :)
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    Sorry...But ya I cant want to get mine at this point. Reviews looks good so far. i'll post pic's when I get mine.


    Sure no problem!
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    Ordered the red one for my white Mini. Thanks!
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    I've had the Khomo (hate that name - must mean something in Chinese) for my former iPads 1,2,3 and have the mini one on the way as well. The Mini is more expensive (they hit you for shipping) than the 1,2,3 versions for some reason but I found the Khomo case to be the best of all the ones I have tried. Very light, very thin and nothing fancy. Hopefully this is the same construction & material as the others. The ONLY gripe I had with them was they seem to attract and maintain smudges.

    I just got the $5 Poetic case (w/free shipping) which is very nice as well (despite smelling like 3-day old fish at a fishmarket in the middle of the summer) but it is much thicker than the Khomos I've had.
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    Don't hold your breathe, I wouldn't expect Apple to release a case that will rub and exacerbate the wear of the anodized finish. Get a folio with a microfiber interior.
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    Haha! That's exactly why I didn't order the poetic one. I believe in "you get what you pay for". From all the reviews and you confirming, it should be just what I was looking for, never owned one of these for my other iPads but I am really looking fwd to it. Now only if amazon would ship the damn thing already lol!!!

    Oh also I wasn't looking to get the apple smart case. They are way priced and from the past exp all the cover and case I had tend to get a black dirt line and can't seem to get them off for some reason.

    Post pics or vid when you get yours...
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    Unfortunately (at least my black one) isn't shipped by Amazon it's shipped by a 3rd party seller from Florida. They supposedly shipped it on Friday but tracking is showing nothing at this time. In the meantime I'm using my mini with the Poetic case and a clothespin on my nose. :) Actually the smell has diminished quite a bit but it still stinks. Very nice case for 5 bucks though. ;)
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    Lmao! I keep hearing that it smells like fish. Is it the inside of it, or the outside leather?
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    Lol clothespin on your nose? Geez glad to hear people has to go out of their way to use their ipad... Ya it's cheap but still.

    To OP I don't mean to high jack your thread! Hope you ordered one!
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    It's the inside lining. The outside definately is NOT leather (but it is a nice sturdy material). :)


    Well worth the $5 with free shipping despite the smell. I'm sure the fish will eventually go out to sea for good. :)
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    Has anybody received one of these cases yet? Thoughts? This is exactly the type of case I've been looking for.
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    yep working on the pic's now...
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    Just got it today!

    So here are the pics of the Khomo for the ipad mini (Red)...Enjoy

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    here are the rest pic's

    didn't realize you can only upload 5 pics at once...

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    cali how do you like the case?
    It seems kind of big but I have a similar
    one for my iPad and its great.
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    I think it looks big on the picture...but it's really nice. So far two days use and no issue at all. but not trying to be OCD like some said on the other thread but wish it had a padding in the case where the ipad sits but at this point for 12 or 13 bucks its no brainer..sleep/wake works fine. Just came back from a short road trip and had the ipad flip part mounted between my sunroof and it was on there good for the kids to watch movie on there for an hour and no complaints. over all for me it was really worth it over the poetic one (couldn't or wouldn't stand that fish smell).

    Order and if you don't like it then just return it.


    oh i also wanted to point out that someone noticed (which I had no idea) that this case had the 4th folding part which helps with the standing i guess. I didn't know that will make a diff....
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    Does it have strong plastic smell.. :(
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    The khomo is virtually identical to the big ipad smartcase, except it fits better abd does not have the sharp edge. It's what I hope apple makes for the mini instead of the POS smartcase for ipad.

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