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iPad mini iPad Mini Smart Cover lock/unlock mystery

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by onibro, Nov 2, 2012.

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    I just got the new iPad Mini and in lieu of giving Apple $40 for their overpriced Smart Cover, I was going to create one.

    In previous iPads, the lock/unlock function of the smart cover was activated by a magnetic sensor to the right of the screen. When the cover closed a small magnet in the cover would activate this sensor and the screen would go off. To find the location of this sensor, all you would have to do is drag a small magnet (of the correct polarity) along the right side of the screen and when it hit a certain point the screen would automatically go off.

    Here is the mystery: with my new iPad Mini, I've dragged a magnet all along the right bezel, using both polarities, and nothing at all activates the lock/unlock function. It makes me wonder what sort of secret sensor Apple is using this time around for their new iPad Mini Smart Cover.

    Anyone else had a chance to test this?
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    Just got mine this AM. I opted to buy a Speck folio from amazon:

    But the magnetic auto off/on does not work. I dont even see the option to enable in SETTINGS_GENERAL.

    I also took my iPad 3 smart cover and tried different spots on the ipad mini and nothing! I called Speck just to make sure that part was a feature included on the FIT-FOLIO case and they said yes..But, were also surprised I got one already becasue they dont even have them in stock. Guess Amazon gets them before they do..Go figure.

    Anyway, going to try and mess around with it more. Just updates to 6.1 or whatever the new update is. Perhaps that option will show in GENERAL settings now.
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    I read somewhere that it's using two sensors / magnets. Not sure since I have neither iPad nor magnets to test that, but try it !
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    Also have the speck case and sleep/wake isn't working. iPad4 th gen has the option in general setting, iPad mini doesn't:confused:
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    Yeah, think SPECK Preemptively released these cases maybe based on old magnet location and qtys. Guess im going to return it.
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    I've done a little investigation and it is very clear that there is more than one spot that requires magnetic force for the on/off functionality to work. By making it more complicated this time, Apple can stave off 3rd party case developers and monopolize case sales with their $40 piece of plastic. Apple has made it very difficult to figure out the smartcover functionality this time around. Many early cases will be missing this feature.
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    The magnets appear to be at the bottom of the iPad mini, near the home button. I took the magnetic flap of a smart cover and aligned it with the upper edge roughly against the top of the home button and it correctly triggers the lock / unlock functionality.
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    It is not working for me.
    There are two spots that appear to be magnetic (just happy i did not kill the speaker, so better be careful).

    Can you make a photo?
    Where ever i place the magnet, it does not appear in the system menu.
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    I'm using the other edge of the smart cover here in this video. The alignment isn't always exact, but you can see it triggering whenever i pass the magnet back and forth near the home button:

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    Many thanks for the video.
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    The lock/unlock function option is there , I just had a look..but I'm on 6.0.1 and have no idea if it was there before the update or not :confused:
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    Where is it? It is not in General setting like my iPad 3 in the auto lock area? I have 6.01 installed on my iPad Mini white 32 GB. Should I call Apple?
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    6.0.1 on a Black 16 GB mini here, and the options is under General, then is the third (last) option in the grouping with Auto-Lock and Passcode Lock:

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    Like many people, i also do not have this point.
    I have a third point called 'Restrictions' instead.

    Very strange.
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    Restore iOS? Thats step one in these cases.
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    Does that option appear once the iPad detects a cover with the screen lock?

    Cos i haven't got it.
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    Mine has the option there as well.
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    No iPad cover here and the option shows up. As I said, the obvious step one here is to restore iOS and check then.
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    Thanks, I'll let others try it first (currently using a sleeve until I get a cover I like/want)
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    Same Here, mine has restrictions instead as the third line. Actually it is my daughters. If you restore, will she have to reload?
  21. dfine1966, Nov 4, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012

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    I did a restore and no change in the settings. It still doesn't have the iPad Cover lock/unlock setting. I don't have a smart cover yet. Anyone one that has this just a restriction setting and no the cover setting. If you have a Smart cover, see if that will activate setting. I am on the phone with Apple right now, and they haven't heard of this problem yet.

    They finally went to a senior technical advisor, who had an iPad Mini with him. He didn't have the smart cover though. He looked at his settings and it didn't show the setting for iPad Cover lock/unlock in the general area or anywhere. He thinks it might not activate until you use the smart cover, but there is no way he can find out until he gets the cover. I could go to the Apple store to see if they have a cover and see. But, I might not get to one for a few days.
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    OK i got it.
    I just used the Smart cover from an iPad 2, and then it appeared in system menu.

    With two flat magnets (one next to home button and one in bottom right hand corner) it triggers the display to turn on or off. Polarity is also important.
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    photo of magnet locations

    Thanks everybody for this thread, was able to start new case design after finding the tips posted here.

    In gratitude, post my findings: The thin, weak-ish flexible and sheet magnets that worked for the original iPad cases do not appear to work for the mini. The mini seems to require small strong magnets.

    Enclosing a photo with magnet locations that work. There may be other locations, but putting magnets in these 2 spots makes the case work reliably.

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    That works!

    Ain't that some ****! I read all the posts then looked to see where the magnets were located on my iPad mini. I have a Brookstone case (not cheap either). The magnets are located on the bottom right and the top right of the case. When I placed two strong magnets, one to the right of the home button and one on the bottom right corner, the damn thing locked! I haven't used my mini in months because every time I open the case it's dead. Apple and their proprietary trickery make me crazy! I'm just glad the mystery is solved. Now.....to buy a new case or rig this one?

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