iPad Mini won't connect to home Airport WiFi Network anymore

Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by txa1265, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Aug 15, 2002

    I got home last night and had a surprise when I went to check my email - my iPad Mini gave me the 'Unable to Connect to Airport Network' error.

    OK, I've dealt with that in the past and think it is related to overloading clients on either the main Airport Extreme base or two Airport Express network extenders in our house.

    My Galaxy Note II is connected, and I have no issues from my Macbook Pro ... just the iPad Mini.

    So I start by resetting the Airport Extreme, but that doesn't help.

    Back on the Macbook Pro I notice that the Airport Extreme was still at 7.6 firmware, so I updated everything to 7.6.1 ... but that didn;t help.

    Reboot the iPad Mini. No help.

    Do a 'reset network settings', again nothing.

    Put my iPad 3 into Hotspot mode (it is LTE) and the iPad Mini can connect without issue.

    This morning I switched off *everything* - my Cable modem, and all of the Airport devices. Shut down the iPad Mini and went for my morning run.

    Came back, switched on the Cable modem and Airport Extreme (but not Express units), and then the Mini ... and - nothing.

    I put in a request to Apple to call me tonight ... not sure what else to do.

    Finally, I came into work this morning, and use the iPad Mini to join our company's 'guest WiFi network', which went fine as always.

    Any other thoughts? What gets me is that *nothing* changed on either end from when I headed out to work yesterday morning until I came home, yet the connection stopped working.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    From a lot of wifi problem threads with the iPhone5, it may be the same issue. Appears to have a problem with WPA2 encrypted networks. Hence why your guest network would work, but not your primary. Just a guess...
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    Yeah ... I ended up with Apple support and got it to work on the main WiFi router, but nowhere else. This morning I kept fiddling more because I couldn't connect anywhere but in my basement. Ended up pulling out a LinkSys router ... and it connects without issue on WPA2 and has decent range.

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