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iPad or NEW air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AeroUK, May 10, 2010.

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    I just preordered an iPad in the UK last night.

    I am thinking if the new air is released I should sell my MPBP 13 and cancel the air for one of these instead.

    Any thoughts?
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    Depends on what you need it for. I got the iPad and haven't touched my MBA for a week. (I do real work on an iMac).
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    Depends on your needs but I would suggest that if the MBA is sufficient to be your only computer, get the Air. Otherwise a MBP and an iPad are a wonderful combination.
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    Do you really need help deciding if you need a full computer or not??
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    I have a great 15' MBP that I love and has served me well. But I find myself using it as a desktop more than I though or would like. If the MBA gets a 4Gs of RAM and even a moderate battery/SSD/CPU bump, I am on it.

    That said, this computer has served me well and never lets me down; as a matter of fact, it just keeps asking for more.

    My wife got an iPad from work and I think it's perfectly fine for consuming entertainment at a coffee shop or in bed, but if I have to write serious emails or do work of any kind, forget it. Again, this is my opinion.
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    MBA. No comparison whatsoever.
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    Guys, just think what if the next MBA will have an integrated 3G card with the ipads 29.99 data plan....
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    Depends on what you need. The iPad is far from a stand-alone computer. You can't manage files, you can't print, you can't have a chat running in the background while you do something else (yet), and you can't organize your email into local folders. Safari doesn't work quite like on a Mac, and the office-like apps are rather primitive.

    I enjoy testing the limits of the iPad, but I couldn't get by without the MBP or MBA. If there's a new Air coming (with 4GB RAM), I'll buy it. What I really want, though, is a machine with the functionality of the Air in the form factor of the iPad... basically, a Mac with touch-screen interface.
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    That would be my ideal. Ok, I really want a touch-screen tablet format, but I'd be happy with the Air as a clamshell laptop with cheap 3G.
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    I got a 16Gb iPad right after it was released and have used it heavily. Its mobility and the quality of its display could not be better. On the other hand, the iPad doesn't support Flash video so video on many Web sites is unusable. The email client is primitive and far from ready for prime time. The only apps you can get for it are those that Apple deigns to make available in the iPad app store. The only way to download data to it is either through iTunes or by using a third party app, such as GoodReader. In short, the iPad is not a real computer but is still very good at doing what it does.

    I also have a 17 inch MBP, which has been my go to computer for a couple of years. I still want an MBA, though, if its RAM is upgraded to at least 4Gb. That way, I would have a computer that would allow me to do at least 90 percent of what I am now doing on my MBP on an MBA, which weighs less than half as much as the MBP. That's an appealing prospect.
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    That's about their only selling point.. Hope it happens I'd gladly pass on upgrading to MBP for new MBA with 3G capabilities.
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    Only if you've got another fully-fledged computer to do the work which the iPad can't do well or at all.
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    I was thinking this same thing. If it didn't require a contract, I'd be all over it, as I'm sure many people would be. Either include 3G or add it for a nominal cost ($30-50), don't force us into a contract, and give us the same plans (or similar) that are available on the iPad (I'd be happy with options for 250MB/$15 and 5GB/$30).

    It's an ideal situation and I think the computer manufacturers and wireless companies would be smart to start doing something like this.
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    Realistically speaking, if this comes to fruition I will sell my iPad in a flash....
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    Another good point.. Maybe that is why the held off on updating it until after the initial iPad release..
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    Cheffy Dave

    On the other hand, the iPad doesn't support Flash video so video on many Web sites is unusable. The email client is primitive and far from ready for prime time.

    I don't think so GW, I haven't seen issue 1 with lack of flash support, and honestly,I don't have a single problem with the mail app, intuitive and useful from day one, although I do use gmail a LOT:rolleyes:
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    Great point, if it has 3g I will definitely cancel the iPad and sell my MBP. It really would give the Air a new lease of life wouldn't it!

    Let's see what happens tomorrow...

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    Dave -- The Safari Web browser doesn't support tabs and the Atomic browser doesn't support a bookmarks bar. Couple that with the lack of Flash support, which makes Hulu and many other video-centric sites unusable on the iPad, and the iPad's Web surfing experience is simply inferior to that which you can enjoy with any browser on any OS X or Windows computer. The iPad's mail client doesn't allow for the creation of discrete mailboxes and rules for them on the iPad and that's a significant weakness, it seems to me. These are just a few of the iPad's weaknesses I can think of off the top of my head. I still love mine but that's mainly because I make limited demands on it and accept its limitations.

    As I have said before, I am convinced that Apple will greatly improve the iPad's functionality as time goes on. For the moment, though, the iPad simply can't do what a real computer can do, at least not without bending yourself into a pretzel.
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    It's ridiculous how many iPad vs. MBA threads there are. Most of the time the damn topic is even identical. Why doesn't a moderator merge all of these and eliminate new repeat threads?
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    Exactly, and we are the living and breathing guinnea pigs for it
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    Yeah, I have said before that I have a love-hate relationship with my iPad. It is so wonderful at what it does, that the way Apple has intentionally crippled it bothers me no end. As confident as I am that Apple will gradually improve the iPad, right now it leaves a lot to be desired. I hope that Apple updates the MBA soon and gives it enough juice to do what I need. Then, I will worry less about the iPad's weaknesses.
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    Get the ipad. The games are wicked awesome!

    Just hope you don't need to print anything. Who prints anything nowadays, anyhow?
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    Oh common there are really not that many good games on it.
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    Well considering in UK alone we spend over £600 million a year on ink, I think a lot of people still do...
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    What are you going to use it for.

    the MBA gives you access to all of OSX's applications and features. You can access websites that contain flash and the device won't show up as a mobile device. Some websites are won't provide the non-mobile pages when you're on the iPad.

    Personally, the price difference is such that if you can get 80% of what you need out of the iPad and you have another computer, then get that.

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