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iPad physical keyboard and games..?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mcoe19, Feb 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys.

    I was just wondering if there is any support for developers to include physical keyboard support in their games? Not as the sole input obviously but it might be a nice added option for games like Doom.
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    I don't see why not, for those that don't have another Computer to play on.
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    I'm realllly hoping that maybe a third party will come out with a blue tooth game controller of some sort. Something tells me we won't see that anytime soon... but imagine connecting a PS3 controller and playing NOVA or something? Could be a game-changer in the portable gaming industry. Or not. Just wishing out loud!
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    How useful would this kind of thing be?

    It would be a bit hard to prop the iPad on your knees then use a wireless control, and if your going to dock it, you might as well use a desk-top.

    (unless you envisage plugging the iPad into your T.V, but then it's geting a bit comples and not that mobile.)
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    The least Apple wants with the iPad is a physical keyboard. You already have to hold the iPad to play with it, given its size and you still want a physical keyboard for games? I see no sense in doing it.
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    But Nova is only for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and so I'm wondering about this too.
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    I believe the keyboard is only meant for typing. Having an offscreen textfield for when the keyboard shows up would be really weird.

    Also, it'd be weird having one hand on the keyboard and one hand touching the screen at the same time.

    The purpose of a non-physical keyboard and multi-touch is for developers to rethink ways of implementing games. From on screen controls to just general tapping.

    The iPad isn't a console device nor was it meant as a gaming device either. I think it was meant for books/magazines/newspapers and internet.
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    +1. And chunky.


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