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iPad Picture

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by matttichenor, Jan 9, 2003.

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    Well, after I was somewhat disapointed by the fact that Apple did not release a Tablet at Macworld SF, I decided to whip-up my own. This is not meant to be some sort of SpyMac picture, but simply a very rough mock-up to get the point across. I have included some specs that we bashed out on the eve of the conference when hopes were still high.

    I'm sorry to anyone who has already read some of these specs in a previous post.

    I wanted to use the Apple G4 Silver / Grey enclosure for the tablet, but I ran out of time. And by the way, creating the screen capture was the funnest part. I hope you can see it...

    Oh well, here it is....

    iPad (xPad)

    700MHZ G3
    256MB RAM
    30GB HD
    7" High x 8" Wide
    1" Thick
    8.5" LCD (5" x 7")
    1024 x 730 Resolution
    Firewire 800?
    Airport Extreme
    Composite Video/Audio Out??
    Stereo Speakers? Like iBook.

    Jaguar X (Lite?)
    TouchScreen w/ Stylus
    iLife (iApps)
    Safari (Web Browser)
    Runs most or all Mac apps.

    Remote Desktop Software:
    Control you desktop remotely. Think not as a consumer but from a professional POV. In the office or other network environment this technology could be really amazing. We can't forget Apple is now really pushing towards enterprise and office environments. This might be a great way to work with an Xserve, or a whole rack of 'em. Couple this with X running on Xserve via Rendezvous & Airport Extreme and you have quite a nifty little wireless remote access device.

    Becomes wireless extension of your Mac, while connected or not.

    Attach to Desktop:
    Sync Music, Address Book, Email, Calendar, Safari (Web Browser)
    Grab Photo Library, grab Digital Video
    Or simply use as extremely advanced USB Touch Tablet.

    Surf Web, Display Pics / Video, Listen to Music (w/ iTunes 4 & Rendezvous), Cut DV, connect DigiCam, works like subcompact powerbook.

    WiFi Connect: (Airport Extreme / Bluetooth)
    Sync, remote control, grab resources, Rendezvous other Macs & Peripherals.
    It would be fantastic.

    Use as in House / Office Rolodex. Could become very useful tool. Alarm Clock, Notepad, Address Book, Calendar (family). As soon as a computer breaks free from the home office, it could become so many different things. Something as simple as an extremely advanced remote for your TV, complete with clickable TV listings... check the web, see the Simpsons is on, click the Link and the iPad fires up your TV, selects the right station and away you go, all via Bluetooth and a simple Infra-Red/Bluetooth adaptor attached to your TV. It's all totally possible, the ideas are limitless.

    Think of all the software possibilities that haven't yet been thought of. Great for Database management & Productivity in Office environment. With Rendezvous enabled it could be really amazing. Print to local printers, access local servers, connect to Rendezvous enabled devices like scanners or stuff that hasn't yet come to market, whatever. It is in many ways the next logical step.

    Because of the cheaper parts, the thing could be relatively inexpensive. If they can make and sell an iBook for $999USD, this thing could feasibly hit the market at $799 - $999, depending on the feature set and Apple's Profit Margins. I guess the one component that is probably really pricey is the largish Touchscreen. Not unlike LCD technology, I'm sure once one or two companies start using them the cheaper they'll get.

    Think about it, all of the above technologies are currently available. Other than the TouchScreen, the hardware is all older, relatively cheap stuff. All of the software Apple has already implemented in OSX Jaguar, even Remote Desktop and Rendezvous. This isn't really far fetched stuff. In fact I'd be really surprised if they aren't already designing it.


    This link is higher quality:

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    wow, to fit all that on that screen, it'd have to be at least 1280 x 1024.... :rolleyes:

    EDIT: I know it's supposed to be a fake, but still. Otherwise, very well done.
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    I'll take one!

    Put me down. I'm sold.
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    I think that thing is way too bulky. The specs seem reasonable but I think the form factor will be smaller. I think a 5x7 screen is about right, but the trim will snug up to the edge like the powerbook so that the overall dimensions would be closer to 6.5x7.25 a small difference but it changes the styling.

    Secondly, I don't think the thickness would be uniform. What do I mean by that? I mean that if you look at it from the side it would look like a letter P. The vertical part of the P is the LCD and that is thin, maybe a quarter of an inch, like the PBook screen. The top D part would house the processor, ram, etc. and would be the perfect thickness for you to hold in your hand. This is an ergonomic thing, since you are going to be reading with it you dont want the weight cantilevered out from where you are holding it, that requires a tighter grip which becomes tiresome over time. But if all the weigh is in your hand, no problem.

    There will also be some kind of control where your thumb would naturally rest. Probably a small touchpad or something we haven't even thought of that allows you to hold it in one hand and scroll the screen without needing the stylus.

    I think there will also be some sort of kick-stand that will raise it up to like a thirty degree angle when you put it on a flat surface.

    Anyone good with photoshop want to mock this one up?
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    Agreed, although, they may need all the room from top to bottom for a nice juicy battery, Harddrive, airport, ports, motherboard and RAM, thats alot of junk.... I actually have a little device that is this size and has a decent weight, it feels great in your hands.

    As for the input Pad, I was hoping the LCD would be completely TouchSensitive. Just use your finger...


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    hmmm, apple has strayed away from the black leather thing, make it all white lucite or aluminum. you know what would be cool, I saw somewhere that there is a laser keyboard, the laser light shines the picture of a keyboard onto the desk and you can tap the keys and it inputs just like a real keyboard, you could put one of those in a tablet and that would give you a keyboard and it would still be flat like that!
    Apple should look into this.:cool:
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    I belive what you are talking about is the Canesta Keyboard, it was one of the Best of Inventions for 2002. Heres a little summary of what it does from the website: "When equipped with the Canesta Keyboard, the OEM device uses a tiny laser "pattern projector" -- also developed by Canesta -- to project the image of a full-sized keyboard onto a convenient flat surface between the device and the user, such as a tabletop or the side of a briefcase. The user can then types on this image and Canesta's electronic perception technology will instantly resolve the user's finger movements into ordinary serial keystroke data that is easily utilized by the wireless or mobile device. The Canesta Keyboard Perception Chipset includes all the modules needed for a projected keyboard product including: the Canesta Keyboard Sensor Module, the Canesta Keyboard Light Source, and the Canesta Keyboard Pattern Projector."http://www.canesta.com

    Seems very interesting but something that needs to be worked on, perhaps this is the answer for "who wants to write all of their emails by hand?"

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    Looks like a Popular Science drawing.
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    yeah thats what it was, I must have seen it in Time or something. dont you think that would be cool? And at that website they have a movie of it, though its a windows meida file and it looks faked, probably just a mockup movie or something, but they do talk about all the parts on the website so is it for sell yet? it must work or it wouldnt be considered a real invention, just a good idea.
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    Its real.....saw it on tech TV a while back.
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    ahh, why not

    i mocked up a quick xPad. i imagine scroll sensors on the sides, a touchpad, thumb buttons for mouse clicks, the ability to use a finger instead of a stylus on the surface, etc.

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    i got bored one day...this was actually a powerbook190cs that didn't work anymore....

    SMASHY SMASHY! and...voila! we have the iTab!

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    i got bored one day...this was actually a powerbook190cs that didn't work anymore....

    SMASHY SMASHY! and...voila! we have the iTab!

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    Re: ahh, why not

    I like that...perhaps the pad should be a ball instead so it takes up less space...then you could use it like a laptop with the mouse and buttons or you could use the stylus to navigate around...all nice and easy.
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    nicely done guys, now if someone (hint hint) would release one
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    one big problem, you need to feel the keys.

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