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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ThemacNub, Nov 5, 2010.

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    What is the best one?
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    None at all.
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    Power Support crystal clear is like naked but protected. Feels and looks the same as naked.
  4. b.c., Nov 7, 2010
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    +1 for the Powersupport protectors. another big advantage: no fuss to install without dust or bubbles.

    edit: I'll add that like mgg below I have the antiglare PS one on my iPad, but I have installed several other PS films both crystal and antiglare on various other iPod touches and iPhones, maybe half dozen or so in total - both for myself and other people. zero negative issues with any of those.

    I've also used invisibleshield on a couple devices and didn't like it at all, especially the feel and look of the surface. another brand I've used that's good is boxwave.com but have not seen their iPad film.
  5. mgg
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    +2 for Powersupport -- but I have the anti-glare one, and like it a lot. (Started with InvisibleShield which I did not like at all.)
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    i tried to put one on my ipod touch. It didnt work not at all, i would say go with something else.
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    I like the switcheasy screen protector the best, looks like there's no screen protector on at all. Only bad side is fingerprints but that's basically most of the screen protectors on the market.
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    That's what I used to use, but after a couple of months I decided that I would rather have a sharp screen, so I took it off.
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    +3 on the Power Support...I always use their Crystal Film....Had it from the begining on my iPhone 1st gen, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and iPad...never a problem...doesn't interfere with the sharpness of the screen.

    Best product, IMHO. If you live in SoCal, they have a store in Burbank which will do EXPERT installation while you wait for about 2 or 3 bucks.
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    ^^^^^Also, keep in mind that they aren't open on weekends.:)

    Maybe the PS Crystal film doesn't diminish clarity, but the PS anti-glare sure does.
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    The only problem with switcheasy is that their screen protector for the iPad has a major rainbow effect.
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    I had the PS anti-glare and took it off due to the diminished clarity. The PS crystal is awesome! I have it on my iPad and my iPhone. I would love to operate both naked but even with a case and very delicate use, I could see some very light surface scratching after just a couple of months of use on the iPad. So I went in search of the perfect screen protector. And after a few tries, namely Zagg invisible shield which was really awful and then the PS anti-glare which had a really nice tactile slippery feel but alas did take away from the clarity - I am so pleased with the PS crystal which doesn't diminish the screen clarity at all and feels just like the naked screen. It was pretty easy to install with a little patience. I have a perfect alignment on both my iPad and iPhone with no bubbles and no lint. The best out there!
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    I've had the iPad since launch weekend, I had a 1st gen iPhone for 1.5 years, a 3GS for 1 year, and the iPhone 4 since last summer, and I've never had any scratches on any of the screens. And I don't baby any of the devices... I just take reasonable care of them.

    I really don't understand how people are scratching the screens of their iDevices. Are they putting a handful of sand in their pocket along with it? Using the iPad as a cutting board?
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    Seriously, I had my 3GS iPhone naked for most of a year with no scratches and no protection. My iPad has been in a case since I got it - 1st day the 3G version came out. It was not scratched when I got it. I put it in a case within the 1st week and then it travels out of the house in the case and then in a briefcase. I've always kept it clean with iKlear and a clean microfiber cloth. I am pretty careful and anal with taking care of things and still I do have a couple of scratches on the iPad screen. Now they are very light surface
    scratches but they can be seen with a black screen in the light. Seriously I have no idea how they got there. There has been no contact with anything I can think of besides fingers and regular cleaning. So I can say that I really have no idea what could have caused the scratches but I cannot see them under the PS screen protector.

    And no sand or knives near my iPad :D
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    Anyone have experance with the SGP protectors? I've been thinking of either the Steinheil AF or maybe the Steinheil SQ. They both seem very similar to the Power Support ones. Are they all the same?
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    i'm also in the market for a screen protector...
    from evrything i've read, power support seems like the best way to go, but its going to be hard to get a PS film where i am...
    so i was just wondering, because a lot of people seem to hate it, is the zagg IS really that bad?
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    Yes...A woman at work has a Zagg on her iPad. She doesn't read MR yet she has all the same complaints as everybody else does on here. She says it's awful...from the texture to the way it "ages." Yet she does not read MR so she has not been "tainted" by the negative posts on here about Zagg.
  18. sportster, Nov 15, 2010
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    I had the ZAGG covers on my iPhone 3GS. Was it worth it? I'm not sure. I didn't mind the feel of it, I kinda liked the rubbery feel. I could live with out the orange peal texture. My only complaint with it was it was a magnet for collecting pocket lint.

    But, on the same note... I did not put it on my iPhone 4 or my iPad. So its onto other products for them. I'm not concerned so much with my iPhone 4, but would like to keep the iPad from getting scratched up.
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    Maybe something in your case was causing the scratches? Maybe the cloth you use to wipe the screen had something abrasive stuck to it?

    If you only use it with your finger, how are you going to scratch it? There's nothing sharp enough on a finger to scratch a glass screen.:confused:

    I have glass tables at home, and I don't put protectors on those.;) The stuff (glasses, plates, remotes, laptops, cutlery, etc.) that makes contact with the tables have a much better chance of scratching the tables than anything that comes in contact with my iPad/iPhone.
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    how does SGP compare with the PS protectors?
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    I just prefer the naked glass surface. I did seek out a quality cleaning kit to keep my multitouch crystal clear.
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    I really can point to nothing that could have scratched my iPad. I always have used a clean microfiber cloth and the iKlear to clean it. I have microfiber cloths all over my house and wash them weekly, careful to make sure they are clean and only use certain ones for my iPad and eyeglasses. Now I have plastic lens eyeglasses that are handled much more roughly than the iPad and they don't have hardly any scratches. I was as surprised as could be when I held the iPad blank screen up to the light after a couple of months and could see a couple of light scratches. Now I'm not saying it is all scratched up or the scratches are deep but there are a couple of them. And after I did see them I got even more anal in trying to prevent more. So it made more sense in my case to put on a screen protector and relax about scratching.
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    For me - Zagg is really that bad. I had mine installed at the mall kiosk and took it off in less than a week. I hated the rubbery feel and white screens also had reddish lines running in some areas of the screen. I read on the forum they are "stretch marks". Also with the Zagg the stylus hardly worked at all. Seriously if you are going to put on a screen don't go down the Zagg road. It was a waste of my money. I've had my PS crystal on for a few months now and still love it. No issues at all. I don't know how or why but it actually reduces fingerprints over a naked screen. Now it's not as fingerprint resistant as the anti-glare but I definitely wipe much less than when my iPad was naked.
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    Just fitted one of these this evening,AF model. Install was quite straightforward for a protector that is. Comes with screen cloth and cleaner. It's a tough film and easy to handle, used scotch to get the odd piece of dust out.

    BUT, I have lost the clarity and I am not too sure whether I like it. Does what it claims and reduces, almost removes fingerprints. Not sure though I like the trade off. It's quite rough and makes text a little soft. Will give it a week.
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    Thanks for the update. Still haven't gotten one yet, kinda on the fence still. More worried about the back getting scratched up now...

    Keep us updated on how you like it after some use.

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