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iPad Shipments Rise 80% in China Following Trademark Settlement

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 16, 2012.

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    IDG News Service reports on comments from research firm IDC indicating that Apple's iPad shipments to China have risen 80% quarter-over-quarter, with the significant increase said to be related to increased distribution enabled by a settlement of a dispute with Proview Technology over the "iPad" trademark.
    With the trademark issue resolved and the third-generation iPad able to enter the market, Apple undoubtedly hopes to continue tapping into the booming Chinese market that has contributed significantly to Apple's revenue growth over the past several years.

    Article Link: iPad Shipments Rise 80% in China Following Trademark Settlement
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    Compile 'em all

    Good news! China is a massive market!
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    But I thought Apple was doomed?
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    we can still say that !
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    Welcome news for January's earnings call! :):)
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    It looks like the downward trend in the country has been well and truly reversed. First good news on iPhone sales to China, now iPads.

    China is such a massive market, more than 500 million online.
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    Some good news for Apple and Samsung, now they both can start making money off the iPad...:cool:
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    Not surprising. When it's not officially available, the iPad was 150-200% of the retail price in the US. Now it's available retail it's cheap in comparison.
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    Shipments to China? How is that even possible? Since it was made there, isn't it there already? ^_^;
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    Does this means the iPad 4 will launch here soon then? Apple's last press release said it would launch before the end of the year, and I know a Chinese website that says it will launch "during the last week of November at the earliest". Any more concrete news?

    Come on Apple, get on top of this.

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