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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by lexus, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Can i put the sim of an iPad with a subscription into an iPhone and then use it?

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    Think so.
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    I know it will fit, thats not the question. Will my data subscription work?
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    Do you have an iPad with service?
    Do you have an iPhone?

    How about you put the dang iPad sim in the iPhone and then tell us if it works.
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    I have an iPad but not an iPhone 4.
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    Any other opinions?
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    It should work for data, won't be able to send ro receive calls.

    I had used Data only SIM on my 3GS many times, i don't see why it shouldn't work with a MicroSIM (from the iPad) on the iP4. You may need to modify the APNs but it should be easy enough.

    However I am curious, why would you want to do such a thing?

    If you get an iPhone 4 you have to have a data plan, so no work around there, so if you have an iPad with data and then get an iPhone you will have 2 data plans no matter what.

    Usually people try to put the IP4 SIM on the iPad since it can save them 1 data plan.

    Just wondering, you maybe got really good reason to do this. ;)
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    if someone had an iphone4 didnt have the normal sim for the iphone4 and had a ipad sim, they could use the data only plan from the ipad sim in the iphone4 to do data only and also voip/sip calls for free. the problem is there is no good sip client out on the iphone that does push notifications well.

    if you want to use an ipad sim in an iphone 4, you have to make sure you change your apn settings to broadband in order for it to work.
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    Has anyone done this yet?
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    it works fine just need to change your APN as others have stated. As far as the reason, data only iphone is great combine with a skype $1.99 unlimited us + canada plan and you have a nice setup. You can even set your skype caller id number to say your google voice number then you can setup google voice to ring back a sip provider (if you have gizmo5). For text you can use gmail and have google voice do SMS to email and free text too :p threaded email makes that even nicer. So there is a good reason to want a data only iphone for aorund $32 a month (with skype) then to pay $40 for minutes many people barely use.
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    iPad microSIM in an UNLOCKED iPhone4?

    My Canadian iPhone is unlocked. Is there still a need to change the APN before I can use an AT&T iPad microSIM in it for email and internet access only. (I know the phone won't work; I just want internet access when I'm in the US.) Could the pre-paid data plan be purchased with this phone carrying the iPad SIM?
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    Im in the UK for a bit will this work here?
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    Has anyone tried this and does it really work with the iPhone 4? Do you have to unlock / jailbreak the phone? And won't the AT&T store get suspicious if I ask to buy an iPad sim or is that a standard offering?
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    I use my iPad sim in an old iphone which I use as a wireless 3g modem.
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    Why don't you just try it? It won't blow up the phone. Worst case it just wont do anything.

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