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iPad Skins and Shields

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Caolan96, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Hello All,

    I'm here to ask a few questions.

    1: Any recommendation for good skins, for the back of the iPad, that have a cut out for the apple logo, like the MacBook skins.

    2: I am going to also purchase a shield for the screen, so what would you guys recommend?

    Cheap eBay ones, zagg invisible shield, or power support.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I use and prefer power support anti-glare for the screen, but there are other pretty good ones, but not Zagg.

    I also use a back skin from sgpstore.com. they have several patterns -a textured white, or black, a black cube, and I have the black carbon on my 3G. they sell a pretty good screen protector too, i read.
    the back skin has a perfect apple outline cutout (comes with a mini clear shield to cover just the apple), not a cheap circle cutout you see on cheap cases. It fits in all cases and docks fine too, (if you use the Apple dock.)

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    Great thanks for the help, what's wrong with the zagg?
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    Best Buy sells it for iPad, they had them on the display ipads, the screens felt sticky and tacky to me, and attracted grime and gunk, esp with all the kids playing with them. somehow zagg is very popular, I don't know why, probably cause Best Buy sells it. but there are other brands online cheaper and better IMO. power support is well regarded but considered pricey at $25, but I see the zagg is $30.
    just one opinion.
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    Not a fan of the skins with the apple cut out. Mainly because when you line up the Apple cut out perfectly the outer edges would be off by quit a bit.

    For me, I use GelaSkins for the back...


    ... and Power Support Anti-Glare for the front.

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    I agree. I bought Gelaskins because of the thread you started a short while ago.

    I had been resistant to skins because I just didn't want to stick things (use adhesive) on to my devices, iPad or iPhone. On the other hand, I dislike full blown cases and wish to have my devices as naked as possible. Most of the time, I just need something on the back to protect the device from scratches when I put it on a table. So I would go with back covers like the NUDE. I tried several of these and even modifed a case to create one of my own. I was never 100% happy with any of them.

    Now that I have tried a skin, I love it. This is exactly what I want. The skin does not really add to the weight. It protects the back and improves the grip. And it seems that Gelaskins are better than the others out there in terms of the materials uses.

    Highly recommended.
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    Gelaskins are highly recommended. They do a great job protecting the back too.
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    Thanks for all the replies,

    I just ordered SGP carbon skin for the back, and power support crystal for the front.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    SGP "leather" skin is awesome, fits perfectly and i honestly dont feel need for any other protection. After 2 months the screen is without any scratches.
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    Do you think that using a Gelaskin would help to hide a slight dent in the back of the iPad? I was thinking that a busy design or image may just hide that slight imperfection??
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    Hi all,
    I want to cover my ipad with a new skin. I already had a skin but its to old i need some good looking skin on it, So can any one provide some kind of skins stuff for my ipad.

    Ipad skins
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    Are any of these back protectors a static type of cling like the power support for the front?

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