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iPad Socks/Sleeves: Multi-Color

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Cyroceon, Apr 29, 2010.

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    The same guy that sold me the TPU cases that I've detailed here and here also has these awesome thick protective socks available in many different colors. Find the eBay page to buy themhere.

    Let me start off by saying, these things are amazing. I got four of them, of all different colors, so I can review them. They are very soft, but thick and protective. Further, they fit the iPad naked, or with a TPU-style case on, because they stretch quite well. The niftiest feature of all is the fact that they all have velcro at the top to secure your iPad inside, so that it doesn't fall out, and so that the sock doesn't recess exposing your iPad. For $10, these things are a steal. I would pick up a few for all different moods, depending on where you are going, who you will meet with, i.e., in a professional setting or not.

    All in all, they are great to have and for $10, a real bargain. The fit is PERFECT. Lastly, enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment. I annotated which sock the iPad is actually in throughout the pictures below. Enjoy.



    iPad in the Blue sock

    iPad in the Blue sock again

    iPad, obviously...

    iPad here too...

    iPad in this one also...

    Last picture with iPad inside...

    Just a look at the array of colors offered
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    Alternative Source

    Also available at dealextreme.com for half the price, albeit without velcro (note that it does take some time to ship from China). Furthermore, they have other "apple" socks for all kinds of devices. I have a couple of them for all my electronics and they are rather awesome. Can't wait to order one for my iPad after I decide what color to get :p

    Sample orange one:
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    The velcro is a dealbreaker for me. I wouldn't be able to use this without the velcro because I wouldn't feel as though my iPad was secure.
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    So, you have purchased 2 TPU cases and now FOUR iPad socks from this same seller? Just curious....
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    I caught that too. seemed a bit odd, but there is certainly no shortage of odd people around here ;)
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    Also odd is that when you look at the socks on eBay - it doesn't show that ANY have been sold. By comparison, the clear TPU case shows 17 sold. This proves nothing of course but I am beginning to suspect that Cyroceon - who is also in NY - may have some relationship with the eBay seller. I have no proof (maybe he bought the four socks from the seller outside eBay).

    No harm intended here - just airing my suspicions and curious what others think.
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    Actually I've only "bought" the clear one from the eBay seller. In light of the exellent quality I referred him, the seller, to the page with the initial review. He was delighted at the increase in sales and I offered to review anything he wanted for him, honestly and openly, and post on MR. He agreed so long as I sent him money to cover the shipping costs. I did, and he sent me the smoke and the four socks. I did as I agreed and all of my comments are truthful and honest. I was just at the apple store checking out the 3G launch and I carried my iPad in one of the socks, while it was encased in the clear TPU case, because it is that good.

    So, to dispel any confusion, I have never met the seller and have only done as I have outlined above. I stand behind all of my comments and pictures regarding the products and their quality. Additionally, I will happily reiterate that for such high quality products, his prices are great. I hope that made you much more comfortable. If only our government had this type of transparency. :)
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    I have never understood iPod socks and I still don't get them as iPad socks. Just not my thing I guess.
  9. WDW
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    I love them for both iPods and iPhones (and have an iPad sock on order, though not from this seller). As a female / purse carrier that likes a "bare" iPhone/iPad, its nice having a case you can put it in before it gets thrown into the purse. Plus, it's good for wiping off the screen and is machine-washable! I love these things!

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