iPad to iPad File Sharing App?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Corsair.Noir, Jul 19, 2010.

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    is there an app that lets you share files (docs, pics, etc) locally through wifi between iPads (ad-hoc)?
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    Mover is the best looking one, and it works very nicely too. Bump is also decent, but it required using the accelerometer which is a pain in the ass.
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    This wouldn't be quite what you're looking for I don't think, but it's still quite useful for this purpose nonetheless: Dropbox
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    Dropbox also works pretty decently. You can put files on your Dropbox account that you can view from pretty much any iDevice with an internet connection. Mover is just one iPad to another iPad, whereas Dropbox is one iPad to anything, including your computer.
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    The problem with dropbox is that it can only share files that you add in your dropbox account! You can't add any file from the iPad!
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    Just checked out the video for mover and it looks to be what I need, wish you could use it with windows and share more types of files though. I like that you can share using either wifi or bluetooth. Thanks for the recommendations. If there are any others out there feel free to post them.

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