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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by nrweaver, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if the USB Adapter for camera's will work with a card reader?

    An example i have a canon 40d and i have a sandisk card reader. I would like to plug the sandisk card reader into the usb adapter and get the pictures that way, instead of having to plug in the camera?
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    Theoretically it should work.
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    I thought the camera kit came with a SD card reader?
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    It might work.. I'd be interested to know. I don't think I'd use my (future) iPad with my 40D though. Too many images to edit and clean up; the 6.5 fps gets me into trouble ;)

    It does but that's completely irrelevant. Not all cameras use SD cards.
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    Yes, it does, and...

    ...is totally relevant, because the OP specifically and knowingly informs us that he does in fact, use SD cards.
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    Yeah I'll be getting the cam kit for my Nikon D80 seeing how almost all DSLR's use SD cards.
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    Prosumer DSLRs use SD, but I think the Pro cameras all use CF.
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    Canon 40D uses CF, not SD, unless he's talking about a different 40D. I also have a second camera that uses CF, I hope you can plug in the USB cable directly. We'll see. But most of the time, almost always, I'd put pictures on the main computer.
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    Indeed. I agree. Please try reading the OP's post more clearly next time. ;)

    I don't specifically know the camera model myself. I was just going off what the OP said and he wanted to use his SD card reader.
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    Ummm...I'm trying to see where you think he mentioned SD. Maybe you think SD is for sandisk? Sandisk is a company, SD means: secure digital. Or maybe the OP edited his post, but I doubt he's unaware of what type of card his camera takes. He has a card reader which has a USB thingy at one end, and into which you can plug a Compact Flash card in the other end (and probably other types of flash cards). Using a device like this may require a special device driver and I don't think anyone outside of Apple knows, at this point, whether it will work.
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    Guys.. Don't reply to him. It doesn't matter if I have and use the same camera as the OP, it doesn't matter if you tell him the 40D cannot use SD cards; he'll keep trying to bait us. Let's get back to the topic.

    I was thinking about certain situations where I would want to use my 40D and the iPad. I would love to see an app that does HDR on the iPad. I shot a wedding back in December and it would've been great to show the bride and groom the pics I just took while I'm out taking more pictures of the reception. Just some thoughts...
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    Please tell me how you use an SD card in the 40D. I'm not saying you can't, but it's new to me. Every review on the internet and Canon's official page says Compact Flash:


    And please point out where the original poster mentioned SD cards. Since you think I'm a troll, I don't expect a rational answer. But I don't have a very high opinion of your maturity.
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    What are you talking about? Icaras is the one causing the trouble, insisting on SD cards being mentioned by the OP. I will admit I made a mistake. I meant to quote both you and bpd115 for being correct and to not reply to Icaras. If you go back and just reread all my posts you'll see that I don't ever endorse the fact that my camera uses SD cards. Are we on the same page now?
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    Oh, ok, sorry I misread, it was a little ambiguous wording. Maybe I'm a little irritated at all the negative hyperbole about the iPad.

    It would be great if this was a fully functional USB port (no doubt the hardware part is), and you could not only use card readers, but plug in other external mass storage. But since they specifically mentioned just the SD cards, there is some doubt in my mind.
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    Perhaps a more diplomatic response could have saved us lots of arguing on this thread?

    Anyway, I'd be surprised if the USB adapter doesn't work with a standard card reader. At least in read only mode.
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    I would like to have it for the same reasons that would be sweet!
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    No he doesn't he says can i plug in my sandisk card reader. At no point in the post does he mention SD card

    On a different note,

    Do you think that youll be able to plug a USB memory Stick into the camera USB port thing???

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    Really? Because of me, Icaras went on and on about an SD card in the original post?

    Thank you.

    If I had to make a guess, I don't think that would work. There's something about the formatting and file systems of memory cards that allows iPhoto to recognize *whatever storage medium of your choice* has photos that can be uploaded. Maybe the iPad can scan a USB stick and find jpegs to upload but that seems more like Windows than what I've known on the Mac side of things. There are a lot of unanswered questions out there and unfortunately a lot more time to go before we really get our hands on this. :/

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