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iPad view on Google Apps mail?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by crimson090, Apr 6, 2010.

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    So I love the new iPad view for GMail, but sadly, Google has yet again launched something new on gmail.com and left Apps users without it.

    Unfortunately in the past it's sometimes taken months to get features moved over to Apps. Has anyone heard any news about this? Or is there any way to get that slick new view on Google Apps mail?

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    Can't you just use Safari and go to mail.yourdomain.com and check your Google Apps mail that way?
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    Wait - i think I misread your post. Are you saying that you CAN check your email via browser, but you would prefer to use their new iPad App to do it?

    If that's the case - then that is a shame. I have both Gmail and Google Apps and was looking forward to trying out that app for both (if possible). (Don't have an ipad yet...boohoo...)
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    Exactly. The full screen interface isn't bad but the iPad version is just so much better.
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    I am in same boat. Gmail on iPad looks much better than my google apps view. Seems google apps treats u like a regular mobile user not sensing it's an iPad. Hope they push this to us soon.

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