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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by bravokiloromeo, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Has anybody found a good wall mount for the iPad? I'd like to mount one above my computer and one next to or (preferably) above my bed (on the ceiling). I've noticed most of them require a goofy looking case that mounts to the wall. I'd like to avoid that and just have a mount that you stick the iPad into.

    Any info and links are appreciated!
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    There's the Walet Mount which doesn't require a goofy case. It works on VESA arms or can hang on screws in the wall. Landscape only though.
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    I used some industrial strength Velcro that worked just fine.... if you're not opposed to Velcro strip on the back of your iPad.
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    modulR ipad wall mount

    The wall mount is just one of the accessories that the modulr case works with, I have one in my office and one in the kitchen. It's doesn't have a cute name, but hey, it works, and it doesn't add an inch of thickness to your iPad.:D
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    I was close to buying this "PadTab" but didnt. If anyone has used it please post. It seems simple enough, just a bit pricey for what it is: www.thepadtab.com
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    I have a PadTab

    I ordered a PadTab 3 weeks ago. It came with 2 WallTabs to mount into 2 different areas. I bought 2 extra WallTabs. I stuck mine on a kitchen cabinet, office, bathroom and in the car. We love it! The price is right for what you get ($30). My wife loves the fact that you can hardly see the WallTab when the iPad isn't hanging on it. Works great in the car for the kids too! I just stuck it on the window. Super easy! They have photos posted here
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    Very important that you don't see it when your not using it....some of these others are ugly when not using.
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    PadTab Stealthness...

    I totally agree! This is why my wife liked the PadTab. I'm not so picky but she loves it!

    Great product!

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