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iPad wallmount?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by testcard, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Looking at the range of dock connectors for iPad made me wonder if an iPad wall mount might be a viable proposition. I could imagine wandering into the kitchen in the morning, dropping my iPad into its wall mount and checking emails / browsing news headlines / looking at weather reports and so on, while waiting for the kettle to boil and the toaster to pop.
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    Sure why not, but it might be a bit un-ergonomic to do so. Unless it's sitting at eye height you won't be looking at it straight-on, and if it is at eye height, your arms will get tired from continued use.

    Unless you're thinking of something different, where the plane of the screen is not parallel to the wall...
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    It's a fantastic idea, and one that was mentioned by a couple of other people I know. Would be great fot recipes, checking email quickly, weather reports, etc. Someone will do quite well by building this accesory.
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    Why not put on the fridge? Other companies do... http://zedomax.com/blog/2007/03/08/samsung-rh269lb-fridge-with-ice-tablet-pc/
  5. jjd
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    Yeah I think a wall mount is going to make a lot of sense. I am can see having one iPad loaded with memory and 3G - this would be your main device you take with you on the road, commute etc. And then three or four with the bare minimum memory and wifi only - but scattered around the house on wallmounts. One in the kitchen as has been suggested for recipes, weather, controlling music with the remote app and other stuff. One in the bathroom - watching/ listening to podcasts of the night before's TV news shows (like I do now on my iPhone while shaving). A couple around the house acting as networked digital photoframes - home networking controllers? I mean, at $500 a pop they're not exactly cheap, but, as a networked video device without the need for any cabling/ wiring, they're a pretty cheap alternative to what people were doing with running Cat 5 around the house, dropping LCD TV's on the walls and using Crestron systems etc.
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    Since my original post, I've developed my morning scenario - wake up to the alarm on my iPad docked on a bedside table. Take it downstairs and drop into a walldock in the kitchen. Prepare breakfast while listening to internet radio/checking emails and weather. Carry over to breakfast table, drop into table dock and switch to web app TVCatchup to stream BBC Breakfast News. Finish breakfast and take iPad up to home office. Turn on music and get to work...Later the doorbell rings, and I switch to an app that allows me to wirelessly connect to a CCTV camera in the porch, letting me see who's there...
    So, I've made an alarm clock, kitchen TV and kitchen radio redundant, saving enough money to buy all those additional docks...
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    You forgot the toilet part. Clearly you would not want to be sitting on a can without your iPad.
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    I'm anticipating putting a clear skin on the back which wraps around the edges a bit, and that will make it sticky enough to lean against the wall in the kitchen and such without sliding. I'm going to start with that initially.

    It's going to be hard due to the 1.5 pound weight to have a good portable situation IMO.
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    In the kitchen, it would be nice if the wall mount had a cover for the screen so it doesn't get messy with "kitchen fingers" while flipping through recipes, etc.
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    This is a great ideal!
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    eBooks are great but there'll always be a place for paper ;)
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    I'm not seeing how this is a good idea. Just doesn't seem to make sense to me.

    You want to wall mount a display, get a Vesa equipped monitor and hook up your computer to it. I'd hate to be standing by a wall just so I can read/interact with my iPad. Its really designed to be used in my hands not on a wall. :confused:
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    It seems like a very good idea for the future, but wouldn't work for me right now. Carrying it round the house all the time and docking it various places would get old pretty quickly. However, in time if the price came down quite a bit, that wouldn't be an issue as you could buy one for each fixed location you are proposing and just leave it there. Add in automatic wireless sync with a computer (as Apple TV does) rather than having to connect it, and all of them would stay up to date, all the time.
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    It seems to be going to a lot of effort to make one of the most portable computer ever back into a desktop (countertop?) computer.

    I think it's just an example of the Old World and New World Computing divide. Us old fogies trying to shoehorn the new computing paradigm into our old fashioned way of thinking and interacting with computers.

    Of course, if you need this as a transition to the future, all power to you - - add a wall mount, keyboard, mouse, support tower, whatever. But I think that ultimately the dinosaurs will make room for those frisky new mammals and we can eventually plaster over the screw holes in the kitchen wall.
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    I could see third parties developing something like this although I'm not sure how popular they would be.
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    If I was 'hands-on' with an iPad, then of course it would make sense to hold it. However, when it's streaming radio, streaming TV or simply playing my music then a wallmount would be a possible solution.
  17. jjd
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    The point is that the iPad can double as an inexpensive, highly capable, wirelessly networked display. Wall mounting a dumb monitor will necessitate cabling it to a computer, and then there is the question of controlling it. Do you want a keyboard hanging off the wall to go with your VESA mounted monitor?

    The iPad is standalone solution and controlled via touch screen. Hence its potential away from the lap or palm top.
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    +1 Can never forget the can.

    I will add bathroom sink wallmount so you could watch a movie while brushing, flossing your teeth or while shaving. Of course, you would have to put a warning that manufacturer isn't responsible for shaving cuts while you shaving with a blade.

    Or, how about an arm mount for your recliner to live out the trekkie in you (if you're a trekkie that is). :D
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    There are already tons of stands out there meant for propping up books so that they may be used hands free. I can see the same need with the iPad. Maybe I want to eat my cereal or whatever with the iPad propped up in front of me.
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    You do know it's really not as big as you think it is.;)
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    Clix Pix

    You know those Composition Notebooks that you can buy in office supply stores or school bookstores? The ones with the black-and-white speckly cover? That's just about the same size as an iPad (in height and width dimensions). Yep. Not really all that big at all.....
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    Have not tried it yet, but looks like the right idea

    Here is a place selling mounting brackets for the iPad:

    Looks like they are pre ordering, but now that the iPad is out, maybe they will be shipping soon.

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    Tom G.

    As for the "Toilet Part," now there is a good reason NOT to have a camera :) :)
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