iPad White with which Smart Cover?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by theapplefreak, Mar 5, 2011.

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    I'm conflicted in which color to get for the white iPad.

    I'll definitely buying the white iPad, but with which Smart Cover color? I know red would look very nice, but it's a leather case and is obviously pretty expensive. Just wanted to hear some opinions.
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    If you have the money go with red. Looks sexy and this is what I'll buy Friday.

    If you don't, blue is the best poly color imo.
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    I'm going with Orange, but the Blue looks good too.
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    Remember if you go poly, then the interior is always Grey.

    If you want solid color, you have to go for the leather.

    Personally I want the 'cream' and I am not bothered about it being leather, I'd have settled for poly, but I don't have that choice.

    I may go for the blue if the leather is overpriced in the Euro zone.
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    red would look sick, but i think im going with grey because as it gets dirty...it'll just look darker grey.
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    Orange or gray
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    I would go with tan. I don't think you can get any classier and more professional than the white/tan combination. If you are young and looking for something fun, the red leather any of the poly colors would work (except gray). For the more mature, the leather colors are the way to go IMO.

    I gotta say one thing about the gray though. When I saw it on apple's site, I hated it. It looked so dull. But if you look at the picture from engadget, you will see that it's actually not that bad at all:

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    FIRST I've read of this difference for the interior. they are all microfiber. You're saying the leather is color matched and the polys are all grey?

    Where is a picture of the leather interior??
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    On the store site. You can see that the difference between poly and leather is that the poly has grey on the inside. The leather all have the same color as the front on the inside.
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    Grey leather
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    there is no grey leather.
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    The color you like best!!!
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    You are getting white so you have to ask yourself what color towel looks best sitting on your kitchen appliance :D
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    White iPad with navy leather smart case, that's what's I'll probably get on Friday
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    OP, can you respond and give an indication as to whether or not people's opinions are helping?
    Asking whether you should get a white or black iPad is already silly but asking other people what color cover you should get tops it. There are essentially 4 choices (taking out leathers and pink). This is the type of thing that you should just man up and decide for yourself.
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    How are the best colors in leather?

    I'll probably just get a belkin grip vue.
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    Red leather.
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    If I get the white iPad, I'll either go with Leather Cream or Leather Red.
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    Just hope they colour fast the red leather on the smart cover! as I have had white devices before and leather has a habit of staining!

    Remember the white back iphone 3g and some cases discolouring it ?
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    As will I.
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    Yeah thanks guys.

    I guess I'll just go with my first choice: red
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    With the exception being the Home button, glass covers the entire area that is white.

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