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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Jenlovisa, May 30, 2011.

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    Hello, I am now standing here trying to decide if to buy the iPad with or without 3G and my question is the following. I have already read here that I can use the tethering service (but it will drain the battery I know), but could I order a duplicate sim card and have 2 sim cards activated from Vodafone? Its probably the silliest question in the world and I assume IF it would be possible of course I would have to turn of the data plan on the iphone4 while using it on the iPad. The other option would be to swap the simcards but if I could have 2 and not have to swap that would be better of course... any thoughts?
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    I'm doubt you will be able to get a second sim with your same number and I may be wrong but I'm sure iPhone and iPad sims are not interchangeable, think its something to do with iPad sim being data only.
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    Now, I'm not extremely good in Spanish, but Vodaphone Spain seems to have what you need: Multi SIM, which I guess is similar to the Norwegian Tvilling SIM from Netcom, which gives me a data only SIM for my iPad 1 in addition to the regular SIM for my iPhone 4.

    Just remember to get micro SIMs for both devices.
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    Ok Big thanks!! This was great help!!!!! I appreciate it.

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