iPad2 protection shout out!

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What do you use to protect your iPad 2?

  1. I don't! (naked)

  2. Smart cover!

  3. Skins/screen protector!

  4. Sleeves!

  5. Cases!

  6. Other!

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    What do YOU like to use with your ipad 2 to protect it? Smart cover, screen protector/skins, sleeves cases or any combination thereof?

    I'll put multiple options available on the poll, so you can choose 'smart cover with skins', etc.

    If you want to give a special shout out as to why you think you have the ultimate solution, post it here.
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    Well I bought it because of the slim design and lightness so I went with the screen protector and skin. I have grandkids and a cat so I wanted something but didn't want to compromise the design. I'll slip it into a sleeve when traveling.
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    Smart cover, ghost armor front and back. Targus leather tote (sleeve) and Incase Origami Workstation for Apple BT KB for when I'm traveling.

    Always on the lookout for something better, however.

    True story. Was on a hearing in another county yesterday, and I ended up selling one of the TPU's that was detaching my screen cover....to the Judge I was appearing before!
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    portenzo book-style, GA on teh back, PS on teh front-anti glare.

    Best protection FTW!
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    Smart Cover

    Power Support Anti-Glare


    JoyFactory SmartFit 2









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    Smart cover+clear protective case on the back.
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    Smart Cover+BSE+Sleeve
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    Wow, that's a sharp looking setup you've got there, xray.

    BTW, what's a BSE, gigemzach?
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    x2, I might have to emulate your iPad with mine, xray! Plus a slim sleeve for travelling.
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    BSE = Best Skins Ever

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    Just a warning for those planing on sporting the iCarbon + JoyFactory SmartFit 2 look. It's going to be a very tight fit.

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