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iPatch Mod Gives the iPhone 4 a Backlit Apple Logo

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 12, 2011.

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    iPatch, a third-party iPhone repair company based in the UK, has come up with this iPhone modification that puts a backlight behind the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 4.

    Chris and Andy, the guys behind iPatch, expect the mod to retail for under £100, and a turnaround time of less than an hour. They claim the iPhone remains fully functional, with the rear glass appearing completely original with no visible alterations.


    Article Link: iPatch Mod Gives the iPhone 4 a Backlit Apple Logo
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    Make it retro rainbow and you've got yourself a sale, iPatch guys.
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    that's awesome.
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    Better make it a double rainbow.
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    The question should be, how does this affect the battery life?
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    Um, OK - why?

    Nevermind. Just figured it out. Sometimes when travelling on the subway, thieves have a hard time figuring out if that phone you have is an iPhone or something from Some Other Company. The brightly lit logo removes all doubt.

    Very cool.
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    Ya it is! :) I always thought Apple should do this but I didn't know how they would since the components are between the back and the display. I wonder how these guys do it. They must have to add an LED or something.

    My thought as well.
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    iPhone 5 must have it!
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    This looks cool, I want.
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    I'm so excited! Except now is the worst time to release this for the iPhone 4. Hopefully the mod works basically the same way for the 5.
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    I can has?
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    Make it only turn on when your screen is lit....

    Make it flash when the phone is ringing...

    Make it built into the iPhone 5!

    I want it... but not at $200
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    Tie it to notifications and you got yourself a winner.

    As it is, it is just a light that is always on.
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    Cool...but lost to anyone not using the bumper or sans case.
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    they solved the light leakage problems
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    Does that rly matter on a smartphone anymore, charging every night before bed became kind of a habit
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    Read the details on the companies website guys - its only on when your front screen is on.

    They also reckon there is minimal battery drain
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    Or a clear case.

    If it's just a tiny LED, probably nothing noticeable.

    Pretty sure that's how it works. From Cult of Mac:

    Hope Apple does something like this for notifications with the iPhone 5. The flash notifications option in iOS 5 seems so inelegant and un-Applelike that it makes me think it'll have something.
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    Does this effectively give the iPhone 4 dual-flashes for an enhanced sense of depth in pictures?
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    That would make the iPhone the coolest phone ever! They should also make the LED flash an Apple logo too :p
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    lol it would make photos in low light conditions good. EVEN BETTER: if you had this an an iphone 3gs or earlier, you now have a flash

    they should develop an app to control it.
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    Unfortunately, those very likely wouldn't be possible. They'd need to be able to tap a trace or pad on the board that drove to some determinate logic sequence in those events exclusively.
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    They probably just remove the silvering

    Like converting a mirror into a window. The Apple appears to be backed with some "silvering." Take it off and the backlight for the LCD screen shines through nice and bright when the screen is on. No extra hardware needed.
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    Ooooh, that's pretty. I would love for that to come to future iPhones and iPads. If it's not a battery-killer, and you can control how/when it comes on, I don't see why not. It would look awesome with the see-thru purple case on my phone. :)
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    This is cool... Though it's GOT to significantly suck down your battery life.

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