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iPhone 1.1.2 Firmware Officially Released in U.S.

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by mac-convert, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Just checked and it's now being pushed by Apple. I am in the Pacific Northwest - Washington!
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    woo hoo - Ringtones again. :)

    edit: verified here, too - downloading now.
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    yeah - that's mostly what I have been waiting for - RINGTONES!!!
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    iPhone 1.1.2 Firmware Officially Released in U.S.


    Despite the download for iPhone 1.1.2 being available since Friday, Apple has just now pushed the update to iTunes, allowing users to upgrade their iPhones to the latest update without having to download the upgrade manually.

    As noted before, the major updates in the iPhone 1.1.2 update include:

    - TIFF Exploit patched (JailBreakMe.com no longer works).
    - International keyboards
    - Custom Ringtone section, iToner continues to work.

    The UK/German iPhones launched on Friday and shipped with version 1.1.2 of the iPhone firmware.

    Article Link
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    Poor engineers at Apple - working their butts off on bug fixes and new features, and all we care about is custom ringtones... :p
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    Cool Beans

    I tried to install it before but it didn't work for me. If there is one thing apple has taught me is not to piss them off by doing something not sanctioned by apple.
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    That was a looonng weekend...

    Downloading now. Thanks.
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    Does this break 3rd party apps?
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    i guess i'll install it
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    Does anyone know for sure that this is the same release that was published on last Friday?
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    It's up for the iPod touch too.
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    Agreed. Anyone with the update already wanna make sure? MAybe see if you can update or what not?
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    :D /laughatjailbreakusers :D
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    why? we can use oktoprep and have a jailbroken 1.1.2:D
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    1.1.2 issues....

    Ok...I had sooooo many problems with 1.1.1, and I'm glad to see many of them fixed. There is one issue that is really bugging me with 1.1.2, though. My camera no longer woks. I get a message " There is not enough room to take additional pictures. Please delete some existing photos."

    1. I have 3.3GB free
    2. I have taken 6 pictures

    In 1.1.1 I had a similar issue, but this was with the iTunes store telling me I didn't have enough space. I guess that saved me about $10, but I use my camera daily. Anyone else???

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    Wonder how many bricked phones this time...:eek:
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    OK. That's my first thing, then after that I go to apple.
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    :mad:This is a sorry firmware update... doesn't add much
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    another perfect update

    since apple can do no wrong, clearly breaking jailbreak was the way to go. those darn pesky 3rd party dev people trying to make a dime (or contribute to the global iphone community for free) off apple's amazing (and the world's greatest) phone. itoner was left obviously left unbroken since SJ, while appeasing the shareholders and record companies wants to appear tough on profits for apple and the music industry, secretly has nothing but beatles for his ringtones. another example of apple's perfection.
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    No reason for me to download this onto my iPod touch. I've already jail broken it, and I have the editable calendar...sorry apple!
  22. JQW
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    New firmware for the 5G iPod too - version 1.2.2. There's no indication as to what it fixes other than 'bug fixes'.

    It's rare for Apple to release new firmware for older iPods; previous fixes have mainly been whenever there's been a change to the iTunes DRM mechanism. Could the iTunes store be releasing some new type of content tomorrow?
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    That really depends on your perspective and expectations. There are many of us that have really been waiting on this. Also, keep in mind that it's only a maintenance release. You'll have to wait for 1.2 for significant functionality changes.
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    After updating with this official iTunes pushed version on my unhacked iPhone, my Apple Bluetooth headset no longer shows up on my iPhone when charging using the dual dock. Even after restarting/ redocking both. Anyone else having this issue?
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    Probably support for ABR encoding.

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