iphone 2.0 update?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by scialex, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Jun 9, 2008
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    If you buy an ipod touch after the update is released will you still have to pay for it?
    i want to know because i am thinking of getting an ipod touch but don't want to pay for the new software if i can avoid it
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    No, if you buy an iPod Touch after the update is available/shipping it'll be included or the device will be reduced to compensate for the price, just like the January update.
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    awesome thanks:D
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    No-one knows. No-one here anyway.

    Software v2.0 will sell for $9.95 which at today's conversion rates works out at £5.08

    Apple will certainly build software v2.0 into future ipod touch's behond a certain manufacture date, although no-one knows when this will happen. You may find if they do build i in that they'll raise the price to conpensate lost revenue for the update. On the other hand, iPod touch may remain shipping with version 1.1.4 firmware, and Apple *may* drop the price by $9.95 in order to enable you to buy the update for the device.

    It is not yet known which method Apple will take. looking back at January when Apple introduced the January Software Upgrade, Apple stated that the update would be built into every iPod touch after the announcement and release of the software, and it was. Just days after the announcement, Apple resellers and stockists deduced the software upgrade price ($20 - £12.66) off the retail price of iPod touch. These buyers where then able to buy the update for their devices from the rebate given.

    If I was you, I wouldn't wait to save £5 off the price of iPod touch.


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