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iPhone 3G Launches, Photos, Unboxing [Updated]

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Images have been slow to trickle in from other countries from their respective iPhone 3G launches. The images above have been found on Flickr and linked to their full sets.

    The iPhone 3G launch will take place in Japan and U.K. over this evening with the U.S. launch kicking off at 8:00 a.m. local time. We've organized a discussion thread for individuals to post their own unboxing/setup photos and if you have already gotten your iPhone 3G, please feel free to post your images. Other areas for discussion, including First impressions, App Store discussion, and Regional Meetups.

    Photo from Ameoema.com
    Ameoema.com posts a high quality unboxing set comparing the Black iPhone to the White iPhone.

    More Discussion:

    - First Impressions of iPhone 3G
    - Unboxing/Setup Photos
    - Regional Meetups
    - App Store discussion

    - TouchArcade.com - iPhone Games and Apps

    Article Link: iPhone 3G Launches, Photos, Unboxing [Updated]
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    oooh pretty boxes!
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    The midnight T Mobile launch in Holland - impressive!
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    come on 8:00 ET
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    somehow, some way. Tomorrow I shall get me hands on the 16GB. :cool:
    One day without having sold the 8GB original, I'm in withdrawal.
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    I REALLY like the white!
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    Looks nice, under 12 hours here. I have to say, the white doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, but it still isn't convincing enough to buy it.
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    The white box is certainly more attractive now.
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    Must... resist... urge... to... buy.

    Playing with my tricked-out iPhone Classic with 2.0 today has really been swell. Will it be enough to keep $299 in my pocket come 8AM? Only time will tell.
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    Yeah, the white looks good. Can't wait to see it in person!
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    That white iphone looks good...

    Looks like White is the new black... which was supposed to be the new white after apple made white the new black, but then had a brief time when silver was the new black or was it white ???
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    I cannot wait until I get the iPhone 3G in my hands tomorrow. Eee--! 16GB white. :) :)
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    I think the white looks so much nicer
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    white or black? black or white? can't decide. interested in the white but worried i'll regret it later.

    i said i was going to resist this one but i'm now thinking about picking one up on the way to work tomorrow. :(:p
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    It would match my iPod, iMac, AppleTV, and Macbook. :eek:
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    You guys i upgraded to 2.0 and for some reason i have an extra contacts icon
    why do i have it and how do i get rid of it
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    The white looks like a bar of soap :p but i'm still keeping the original. I love the metal touch
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    but will it get dirtier quicker? hmmm...ponderous
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    The white one looks a lot better than i originally though!

    ....humm i can see this getting expensive!
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    i am so glad GMAIL is my primary email address, instead of "me.com"
    I would of lost 2 days of work due too there outages, by now....

    .mac was never stable nor did they have any phone support.

    i am sticking to GMAIL, i cant afford to mess around with my email like that.
    If i loose a email or its slow by a day...... it could mean big bucks for me...

    1350 minute plan via ATT

    1500$ for the first year with phone
    1300$ second year
    + taxes


    priceless..or maybe ill buy a bike instead and save on gas
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    yeah thats what i was thinking!
    Can someone tell me why i have an extra contacts icon on my 2.0 iphone
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    Unlike the Blackbook, the shiny black iPhone back will show every flaw, even moreso than the white.
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    i'm going with white. taking a chance :D
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    the white looks tight

    At first i wanted the black but after watching the Stuff.com review and all the smudges and now seeing the white.....GIMME THE WHITE BOI!!
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    or an electric scooter.... ;)

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