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Iphone 4 and 4S still way better than any Android phone

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by gadget123, Jun 16, 2012.

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    So yes there's some 4, 5" phones, 16, 32GB handsets, great sound quality, more free apps on Android but STILL I don't get it. I really dislike the feel of Android. The App store bores me, the games are less superior especially free ones. The screens are much more unresponsive and the screen depth of text still doesn't match the retina. The build quality sucks on Samsungs. You just have to hold the Iphone vs the Samsung. Yes it's a bad idea to drop the Iphone but if you are careful it's a much smarter well made handset.

    Galaxy note was almost as big as the Playbook. I tried most tablets in a store and found the playbook to be faster and more unique in design. The Android tablets were too complicated. The Galaxy had no home button unlike the Ipad and wiglets were annoying.

    I go into phone shops all the time and they always dish the Iphone and say it's got crap signal, Android do better with there OS updates and this phone is much newer and better sound. Don't believe it.

    The Iphone is much more interesting to use with Ibooks, the better app store, texting, surfing is smoother even was back in the 3GS days. The Iphone camera is better than any 5 or 8MP I've seen, Facetime is better than the dud 3G calls we had years ago.

    It reminds me of the Sony Ericsson handsets they always had so much missing that Samsung never had but the K750i, K800i, C905 were all iconic flagship phones. Since Android came in it's been dull production lines of phones. Bigger memory, BIGGER screen, BIGGER camera like 12 mega pixels too much for a camera phone but they seem think it's better.

    Give me IOS6 over any of these Android production line clones any day. 200 new features and a decent OS which works. Being honest there's not one handset I like. The odd Windows phone has got my eye but there's few others I'd prefer to own.

    No doubt about it Iphone is the best all round smart phone money can buy. Iphone 3GS to the 4 to the 4S. Might lack some IOS6 features but from budget to high end comparison I'd much rather have the Iphone. Anybody agree?
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    Just made the switch from HTC Thunderbolt to iPhone 4S

    I wish I had done it a year ago. I was holding out for the iPhone 5 (or whatever you call it), but my HTC started to break down hardware and software wise.

    It represents a step up in performance and a lot of other great features and apps. I actually have fun using it on top of all the business I conduct and depend on it for.

    I think like a PC and have hated my wife's Apple desktop for years, but am now rethinking the whole allegence thing.

    The iPhone works for our family... so does the iPad, iPod and MacBook!
  3. blackhand1001, Jun 16, 2012
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    Oh god not this. You could argue all day about 4s vs high end android phones (I peronally prefer android but you could argue both sides) but vs the iphone 4 there are so many android phones that are undoubtly vastly superior to the 4. The galaxy nexus for 399.99 comes to mind and its about 150 cheaper than an 8gb iphone 4 without contract. Even the nexus s is much better (power sgx540 vs 535sgx in the 4) and has full android 4.04 and not a crippled version of ios 6. iOS's browser also needs a lot of work. I was comparing chrome on android to safari on my iPad 2 and chrome is so much better. Like its more than twice as fast on most websites and sometimes its like 5 times as fast. Even the stock ics browser is much faster than safari.

    Don't even get me started on the fact that they still sell the 3gs. (at about the same price as an unlocked nexus) Even 140 dollar prepaid android phones have better specs than it. 480x320. Ridiculous.
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    Android is the least appealing mobile OS on the market currently. The OS itself is junk, the phones are mostly horrid, and its core business model is flawed which is why iOS eats 75% of the mobile profits with only 24% global share.
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    If it wasn't for Apple, there would be no Android phones. The user experience is nothing like iOS and I mean that in a bad way. It just doesn't feel right. I love the simplicity of Apple products. There's a reason why they went from almost bankrupt to the world's top leading company now.
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    See I'm not Anti Samsung. They make great tv products, the Pixon and Pixon 12 were great phones, the Samsung Wave is great too.

    It's all this Android rubbish. How about develop a smarter phone? I don't see the Iphone as a smart phone as there's so much focus on the user experience. This is what made say walkman phones amazing. :cool:


    Hey, I wish other companies sold there flagship phone brand new years later. It was always a cheaper version with a worse name and worse camera.

    Atleast you get a once flagship product but cheaper. I know the Galaxy 1 is still for sale but only as they keep bringing out new ones every few months.
  7. I.Love.Apple, Jun 16, 2012
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    Android - the least appealing mobile OS with the highest [by far] market share. :confused:
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    Wow. Just... Wow. This thread is just another affirmation of why Apple will never fail. I have many Apple products and think the ones I have are great, but lately either some iPhone owners are beginning to feel really insecure or Samsungs success is making Apple lovers hate Android more and become more vocal. Either way, it is not a good sign.
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    The 3gs has a terrible 3mp camera with no flash, hardly good. And on contract with at&t the Galaxy sii is about the same price as the 3gs and the Galaxy sii is still one of the best phones around.
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    900k people a day think otherwise...
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    Well for you Android does not work, for many others it does...Many don't like iOS and that's why they have something different than an iphone. Some people like huge screens, you seem to think there is something wrong with someone else wanting to have a large screen on there phone. Why would you care even?
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    It's the OS activation I believe, which also includes tablets, other fw versions people keep flashing on their devices too. Also, most android phones used are still on 2.X
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    People are weird this way - they prefer Android 2.x to iOS 5. Is Android that much better?
  14. JMG
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    A good sign for what? Almost any business' marketing strategy is based on the insecurity of the buyer. The fact that Apple has succeeded in creating a rabid cult-like fan-base is only good for business. Not all apple customers are as rabid, but those who are will be in line for the next iSomething regardless, guaranteeing sales.


    i had it. Didn't like it. Returned it.
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    Android 2.3 is still quite a bit ahead of even ios6. Apple has a lot of work to do to catch up. Just look at the rating of the galaxy sii on at&t's site or the razr maxx on verizons. Even the budget oriented Galaxy s blaze on t mobile has top notch marks. People are more than happy with these phones. Same with the Rezound, droid 4, inspire 4g. Gingerbread is still a very good OS and the updates are taking some time because 4.0 is a pretty large update and not a minor refresh like ios6.
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    you and I are on the same page. When I said it wasn't a good sign, I'm referring to how Apple fans are becoming more hateful, more envious, more vocal. In years past, Apple owners knew we had the best product and didn't need to say anything. Now, even Apple has resorted to mud-slinging and name calling (wwdc comes to mind), which is something that never would have happened under Steve Jobs leadership. This isn't a good sign.
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    I think both platforms are really becoming equal. I am trying out android for the first time in a long time on the HTC One X. I will say the screen is a lot nicer than the iPhone. its really stunning. the extra real estate is nice. The camera is right on par with the 4S and captures photos faster. I installed the ICS keyboard and i find its easier and faster to use than the ios keyboard. However, there are some little things in android that do annoy me. For one, when I'm way down the bottom of a long website there is no way to quick jump back to the top of the page unless the page (like macrumors) has a scroll to top link. Also I have noticed there is no way to copy images in any of the browsers. Say I am looking at Reddit and see a funny GIF and want to quick copy it and paste it into Google+ mess anger. There is no copy option in any of the browsers I've tried. (Stock browser, chrome, dolphin HD, ics+) The BIGGEST problem I have with this phone is due to HTC tweaking the multitasking. It is atrocious. I feel like I am back on ios 3.0 on my iPhone 3gs when I'm multitasking. HTC made the phone have very aggressive app killing so after like 2 mins background apps get shutdown. This is EXTREMELY annoying when reopening apps. I reopen chrome and every time it reloads my page. it doesn't actually reload it load, it just reloads the last page. So I have to wait for it to reload, then refresh it.
    Because of this I will be testing out the SGIII.

    Battery life has been the same as my iPhone. I love chrome. Gmail is really nice on android along with Google drive. Google maps is a lot better too.
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    Long press on an image to bring up options to copy it.
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    Yea that's what I'm doing. All it gives me is "save image", "open image", and "open image in new tab". Am I missing something? Running android 4.0 on the one x
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    Hit open image. Then in the menu you can share it in the app you want. (should be "share page") No need to copy and paste the url although your free to do that if you want.

    If you want to upload the image you can alternatively hit save image and share it from the gallery app instead.
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    If I had to give up my 4S to tomorrow, I'd jump to Windows Phone and if that was gone I'd go Blackberry.

    Android will never have a place in my life again unless I grow an affinity for junk phones and lemon party software.
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    When I hit open image nothing happens. It just reloads the page with the image. If i go to menu and hit share that just shares the link. I am talking about copying the image and posting it straight into a message. Not the URL. On and iPhone all I had to do was long press on the pic or GIF, hit copy, and then switch to imessages and paste it into the field and send the image/GIF
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    hit save image. Once its saved open it which should bring you to the gallery. Hit share from there and it should automatically attach it to whatever post or message your using. The good thing about this is that it supports almost any app and not just the built in ones.
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    Yea but then I got the stupid image/GIF saved on my phone and I gotta delete it! Lol

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