iPhone 4 @ Brea Mall (OC, CA)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Brien, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Who plans on braving the store on launch day? Unless something comes up, I plan on getting there bright and early.
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    Ill be going somewhere in Irvine since I live there. Cant wait!
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    The Californian

    I'm thinking about it ... Then again, I'm in no rush ... I may wait a couple weeks, hopefully InvisibleSHEILD gets some product for iPhone 4 quick so I can pick it up and walk right outside and have them install one.
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    if i go anywhere, it'll be here. maybe i'll go during lunch.
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    did anyone come to this store for an iPhone launch before? are they allowing people to wait over night? if not, what time are they allowing you arrive in the morning? Thanks for the help!
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    Save your money on the install fee & taxes and buy it online. With the new phone being flat, it'll be super easy to do it yourself.
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    they don't allow you to wait overnight. it was either 5 or 6 in the morning that you could start waiting (i want to say six).
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    k, thx for the info. Much appreciated

    can i sit in my car in the parking lot until that time and then rush in? or do you happen to know if they try and clear out the parking lot?
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    I pre-ordered one through the Apple Store app for the Brea mall.
    But never got a confirmation email.
    Think it went through or not?

    I plan on going early probably. Depending on if my order went through!
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    I'll be there bright and early!
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    I will be there bright and early.. like... seriously early lol ..

    Anyone wants to meet up?

    If we wont be able to wait in front of the store. Where can we line up?
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    I went there last year to get my 3gs. I arrived at 4:30am and there was a line outside of the mall with over 100 people already. Security let everyone into the mall at 5am.
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    at what entrance does the line start at? my brother and i pre-ordered our iphones to be picked up at brea.. we were still planning on going around 3 or 4 though...
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    i would assume the entrance right next to the red robin, near macy's.
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    i, see. thats what i thought too. i wonder if i should still camp out that early... i have my reserves but i still don't want to be stuck in line all day. -_-
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    ill be there

    ill be there never really waited in line for a iphone but ive had every phone but im hoping to get up early and i dont think security will kick you off the parking lot... i talk to the guy at the apple store and he said the main mall doors dont open until 7 and the loading dock opens at 6 but u gotta know how to get in that but i wonder how many they will have in stock i dont wanna be left out of a phone or id have to wait a couple of weeks :apple:
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    so we'll be able to go into the mall through the loading dock at 6? interesting...

    and just a heads up... i called them today to make sure they had my reservation... then i asked a few questions. they told me there will be 2 lines. 1 for reserves and 1 for walk ins. BUT.. he told me they had over 2000 reserves for that store... 2 freaking thousand. sounds insane to me. he said they'll receive enough shipment to cover it. but just be prepared for a long line.
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    2000 people geez im so glad i got off work for the day i guess i better bring fold up chairs lol... but i think your best bet is to bring someone with you incase you would like to sit down or go to the rest room so you dont lose your place in line thats why i have my girl go with me:D
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    Yea I called yesterday to check mine as well. When he was chekcing my name he said it was taking forever cause there were 2000...
    I hope everyone isn't going in the morning! lol.
    Maybe it be best to later in the day? Maybe it die down?
    But anyone wanna meet up? I don't know anyone getting the Iphone 4 and I don't want to be in a long ass line by myself. Haha.
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    I think that is the best bet. Show up around 9am, give the store a good coupla hours to get through the first wave/rush and you will have a smooth, easy process.
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    i don't think there is a "best bet" with that many people. plus all the people who think they can get one by just walking in first thing in the morning. i wouldn't be surprised if there were people lining up now. i'll probably still go early just so i can get it over with. regardless what time you go you're gna have to stand in line. the only way i see all this going smoothly is if they close the entire store to everything BUT iphone orders and have all their employees focused on getting everyone in and out. but i highly doubt they'd do that.
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    Lines are such pains, but because I sold my 3G a few days ago, I don't see any other choice. I think I'll be there around 0300 with my good friend, mary jane, to pass the time.
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    so i wonder if your reserved does that mean you are garenteed an iphone 4? or like they say first come first surve... becuase if that is the case ill be there bright and early like 4:30 - 5:00am ill be a tall white boy with maybe a rockstar energy shirt on and/or a rockstar hat
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    Maybe I'll bring my own Mary Jane as well. ;)
    but ya. Probably just go and get over with.

    I wish they would do that. Just shut it down until pre orders get done. Then open.
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    If anyone wants to meet up, I am down... I plan on getting there at 4:30ish w/ breakfast, my iPhone, and a bunch of energy... Msg/tweet (that still sounds weird... "tweet") me on twitter @ozt1ks and we can meet up

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