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iPhone 4 Southcenter / Westfield mall Apple Store In Line Now!!!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by agirton, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Well its that time again. Who's going here this year? I will be there for sure with a friend and business partner. Who else is in? What time is everyone planning on getting in line?

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    Southcenter meet-up

    I'll be there, but not sure what time - early days yet. :)
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    still trying to decide what store to go to. I'm going to be bringing a bunch of people with me. Do you guys know how it works at southcenter? Which entrance and when do they let us in the actual mall? I'm thinking of maybe going to u-village
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    I don't know the answers to those questions (I've never camped out, and don't plan to this time since I pre-ordered). However, from my experiences trying to find a 3G a couple of years ago in the days following the launch, I will say I found the Southcenter store to be the least crazy in the area. U-Village seemed the worst (for how many people were there). I ended up buying in Bellevue, but that was more luck than anything else...
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    Sure thing

    I have been there for every iphone launch so far at the southcenter store. It is always a blast, hangin out, playing games, postin photos. So much better than sitting at home waiting for the stupid delivery truck to come by. The line goes out the door where Johnny Rockets used to be. If you watch this post and post when you head down I can help you find us. About an hour before they will open that door first and let us go in and wait for the opening. Thats where they separate into reservation and non reservation lines. Feel free to hang with us, we will be there all night. I am going to bring my camping table so we can play games, so bring a camp chair.

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    awesome man sounds like fun. haven't exactly figured out when I'll be heading down there but I couldn't get my pre-order through so I'll definitely be there pretty early.

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    Let me know when you figure out what time your heading down. I'm gonna post a map in a bit to show you where we line up.
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    Map Added.

    Map added.
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    ill be there
    anyone planning on bringing a portable battery or something?
    can we make bbq? what time should we show up based on past experiences?
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    The first iphone I showed up at 6:00am and was first in line, 2nd year we had 10-20 from about midnight till 3 then the line began to build. By the time the mall opened the line went to Macy's and lasted all day, people who came later in the day stood in line and left with no phone because the store closed. They were given front of the line access the next day. Last year we had less around midnight, and less throughout the pre opening hours due to the preordering. Judging from the demand, failure to reserve, etc and from seeing that all across the country people are planning to camp out from midnight on I expect a decent turnout this year. If you were interested in coming around midnight I am sure there will be a group of us by then to hang out and chat with.
    As far as bbq, security will frown on that, they hated my mini generator last year so we will charge in cars for laptops and my ipad lasts a LONG time so I might not even have to charge it.
    I will post here when I show up and give a status on lines, security, number of people, times, etc.
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    I was thinking of showing up somewhere in the 10-midnight time range. I definitely don't want to get stuck without getting an iPhone. Thanks for the map tho. If only i had a car with a big screen mounted in the back.
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    That would be awesome! I will try to get someone to bring us some donuts.
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    my reservation is on and so is my friends but my brother will try and get a 32gb so i think we're going to camp out also, will probably be there at around 3-4am
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    Awesome, looking forward to a big crowd. Bring some monster with you and Ill buy a can, Im sure Ill be out by then. lol
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    Line rules

    Update from the manager at the apple store is that the mall security will be allowing a line to form at midnight tomorrow night and they will setup dividers for two lines at that time. So come on guys come down at midnight and hang out for the launch. I will post any additional info I get.

    Edit: oh and one more thing........ They said no bonfires or bbqs! LOL
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    The Line...

    So the line we're forming at midnight, do you mean to say Mall Security is letting us form it inside the mall?
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    No they are letting us form it outside at midnight.
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    See you there

    Well, since Best Buy failed on my pre-order (3rd in line and not enough inventory) I will probably see you then :p
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    Awesome, see you there.
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    hope u guys dont mind my mom being there later, i have one iphone on reservation but they need the primary acct holder to be there, im only an "authorized" user----lame---but she has to work early so cant wake up tooo early haha
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    My buddy and I are planning on driving from Spokane to camp with you guys. We couldn't reserve online so we tried Bestbuy. #24 & #25 so I highly doubt we will get one on thursday. we will drive over as soon as we get off from work. what do you think of our chances scoring a couple of non-reserved phone?
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    That's cool,my mom may swing by with her new phone, it shows up TODAY! Dang preorders.

    Awesome, I bet you will be fine. What time do you think you will get there?
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    In Line now!

    Decided to take the day off and start the line. I will help organize things as well as I can here too. I will try to get some kind of info as to the number of reservations and non reservation units available although I am sure I will not be able to get exact figures just a general, we have plenty, or supplies are limited type of answer. The main line will still be setup at midnight with the two lines.

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