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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Grolubao, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I'm currently running a jailbroken iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 installed. I always wanted to see what android would offer and I like the fact that the Nexus 4 is actually not LTE, has good battery life and above all is quite cheap.

    I play a lot of games, and use the usual apps for the day to day work. Although I would like to try out the Nexus 4, I still cannot justify why I would upgrade from the iPhone 4, since (with minor lags) it still runs perfectly smooth and I can customise it as I want.

    Also, found it weird that in Android you cannot get a Push mail toggle, the same way as I have it with SbSettings and IntelliScreenX.

    Am I just trying to justify getting a new toy, or is there something I'm not seeing?
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    What do you mean by push mail, meaning you want push email or you do not want it? I get push email on my Nexus 7. I am switching from an iPhone 4 to the Nexus 4 next week, I cannot see any downsides to be honest.

    For me it is just time for a new phone and I do not want the iPhone 5 for lots of reasons.
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    Meaning to turn push mail on/off the same way as using SBSettings:
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    Damm i miss sbsettings :( but refuse to run a tethered jailbreak.
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    I am not switching, since I use both Android and iOS concurrently, and enjoy them both.

    But I am truly looking forward to the Nexus 4 I will be taking delivery of soon. It's the very first smartphone that has everything I want, and nothing I do not.
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    You Can

    In ICS, JB or above you have the quick toggle bar (or inside settings) with the "sync" button which enables/disables syncing (this includes push email for gmail).

    Furthermore, if u want to fine tune the sync option (eg: have evrything synced except the can do that settings). hope this helps :)
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    Cool! Nice that you can turn syncing on/off.

    Still, is there anybody in the same position? Meaning if they can justify the upgrade based on some facts, and not just on buying impulse?
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    Well for me the facts are this:

    1) My iPhone is over 2 years old, out of warranty, so if something happens I am looking at $150 or so to replace it. And then still I am buying two or three year old technology, so for a bit more I am getting a new phone and new technology.

    2) I doubt Apple will support the iPhone with iOS upgrades next time around, adn if they do, what they add may just be minor with all the real features going to the latest phones. I know Google, being this is a pure Google phone should support it with the latest Android updates for a while.

    3) Since this is from Google, I do not have to deal with carrier restricted updates and skins.

    4) No contract! No matter which iPhone I upgrade to, unless I shell out massive amounts of cash I am locked in for two years. Given Apples upgrade path for hardware and software, an iPhone 5 will be left in the dust next year IMHO iOS wise.

    5) Bored! iOS is boring to me, I love the Android 4.1 on my Nexus 7 and from what I have heard about 4.2 it is even better. So just for change and something fun an new, why not. Again with no contract I can easily sell it if I do not like it without worrying about contracts or phone upgrades.

    6) Carrier selection, again, I can use this phone on any carrier I want for as long as I want and go to other countries and pop in a prepaid sim, can't do that with the iPhone unless it is unlocked.
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    Why would you want to turn that on and off at all let alone do it often? You can set how often you want email pushed to your device or use the sync drop down button to turn on or off
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    I'm the same position. I've got a jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1 and am considering buying the nexus 4. There's actually no real need for me to get a new phone. Still, my plan is to get the nexus 4 and return it within two weeks if it turns out that there's really no advantage to my iPhone. That's European law, dunno if you can do that where you come from.
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    Thanks for your insight Marc!

    In fact I never thought about reason number one... If my phone falls and the glass breaks, I need to pay to get it replaced on a phone that is already 2 years old. If I sell it now I can get around 200€ or more for it, son essentially paying 150€ for a Nexus 4.

    One question, I use Installous to try out applications, if I like them, I buy them just because Apple doesn't allow one to try out applications. Is there a way to try out applications in Android, or similar?

    Anyway I would never update my iPhone anymore simply because of Apple Maps, that's just embarrassing and also for the fact that iOs6 is not jailbroken yet, and I never had a stock iPhone before. iOs is pointless if one is not able to jailbreak it.

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    @Grolubao, Google offers a small try/demo window :) i think its 15 minutes and during that time you can request a refund (simple click) might not be the same but def. better then the appstore approach.
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    Yep that's right, Google allows 15 minutes to test an app. I would prefer 24 hours, but its better than nothing.
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    Those are the same graphs from the other website so obviously talkandroid didnt conduct their own test.

    I get it didnt test great with some and beter with others but again, they dont have the final OS on those phones yet. So basically they are using a beta.

    Ill wait ad see if things improve batterywise when it is a finished product before i buy one. I may even wait to see if they will release a 32GB. Im thinking 16 just isnt going to cut it.....well see.
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    I have read conflicting reviews as well. Some say great battery life and some say not so great. I'm thinking it is will end up being great with the combination of the efficnecy of the S4 Pro and only having HSPA+ vs LTE
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    That is a possibility. But while there are conflicting reports of battery life, there has also been consistent reports of strange behavior when it comes to benchmarks, leading just about every review I have read to say that Google shipped the Nexus 4 to reviewers with unfinished software, but a finished build will be shipping with devices to customers. We can only wait to find out.
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    I am going to the nexus 4 from an iPhone 4. So damn tired of ios I am also jail broken. I miss android. Ever since project butter I been waiting to jump back on it and nexus 4 is the perfect phone that. Had the nexus one and it was great.

    My damn iPhone has been lagging and crashing like crazy lately. .
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    Was just saying that to my gf this morning. My phone crashes, battery life is non existend and I am bored of it. I left the office at 5pm, came home at 8 - battery down to 46% ... by around 10 it was down to 5%. I know a lot is down to location options, Bluetoooth, wireless and the sorts but still, I am on my 3rd replacement now due to battery issues - Genie was taking a phone out of a box and it dropped 5% while talking to me - He gave me a new one without unboxing it - probably afraid it embarras him :)

    Sold it now - can't wait for next week to say the least.

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