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    Why is my iPhone 4S saying its on 3G when I get 4G with att?
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    seriously? Does anyone know what they purchased?
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    Because it actually is 3G. AT&T wants to have it say 4G when it is using HSPA+ (or whatever it is called) but as far as I know, they haven't gotten approval to do so yet.
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    You know it isn't really 4G either?
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    iphone 4s isnt a 4g phone.
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    hell.. 4G isnt really 4G by standards. but seriously people do not realize what they buy. this is why flip phones are still so popular.
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    It is "4G" on AT&T, though it doesn't indicate it on screen. And before people start crying about "iPhone isn't 4G", it's just as much 4G as all the other AT&T "4G" HSPA+ phones, including the Impulse 4G, the Blackberry Torch, the XPeria Play 4G, the Inspire 4G, etc. etc. etc.
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    4G has become a marketing term that is applied to some 3G networks, Apple has just decided to wait to call it 4G until it goes to LTE which will probably be the next update.
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    And none of those are truly 4G devices either. Same with Sprint. Same with Verizon. Same with T-Mobile. Honestly it doesn't matter if it's a "4G" device or not, the only thing that truly matters to the end user is how fast their mobile speeds are.
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    What matters is Apple doesn't consider it to be 4G.

    I don't believe it is 4G either, not is the current iteration of LTE or WiMAX, which I have a phone on, but is barely ever on '4G' as it is too draining on the battery.
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    lol. this thread has some potential :p
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    Well considering I was getting half a meg upload earlier I am more worried about 3g first :eek:
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    This! Haha
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    Apple is supposed to be pushing an update to have it show 4G instead of 3G actually..

    In essence, it's still 3G. They should show it as "3.5G". Apple should spit in their face for putting out false products and stating it's 4G when it isn't, but I'll take the faster speed lol.
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    Ditto... Should be 3.5G...

    Sick of att trying to fool people.

    Really hope that apple wont go with it... So i take my phone overseas.... Then what will it say?..
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    The phone uses a calculation to determine how many Gs there are in the signal. As it turns out, our calculation was actually wrong. We had been using the wrong calculation from the beginning. So we've modified this. Once we push the new update to the phones, it will calculate the correct amount of Gs. In addition, the G displayed on the screen will appear a little bit bigger, and there will be more curvature in the letter.
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    i hope apple says no to this.

    Next you will start seeing AT&T logos on the phone and carrier bloatware. Do we really want that? I am fine with it showing 3G. To hell with showoffs.
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    Absolutely true. However you can't deny that there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between HSPA+ and EVDO in terms of capabilities and data speed. If you just call both "3G" you're lumping together apples and oranges.
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    Talked to Rep

    I talked to a rep because my data wasn't working.
    I did on the side ask about the icon. Rep said that it'll display HDSPA when you're on that network
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    Obvious Troll

    OP = 4 Total MR Posts
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    He's wrong - but there is discussion that it might happen in a future iOS release.

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    What do you guys mean???? Ive had 4G SIM cards for years!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Not true. I've am getting between 6-7Mbps on Speedtest app. I never got that before on my old iPhones. It is definitely getting an HSPA+ signal.

    Anyways, I'm glad Apple isn't calling this 4G. It isn't. F AT&T and their 4G naming. It's just going to be more confusing later. I just wish Apple would put H+ in the title bar like some of the other Android phones do. Then next year they can put 4G in it, although I would prefer it to say LTE, instead of 4G.
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    Yea I'm getting 5mbps down and 2mbps up on my home signal... Fastest I was ever able to get over here with my iPhone 4 was 2 down and 1 up. I have gotten 5/2 in other locations w/ the iPhone 4 in the past though; wonder what the 4S will get in those spots.

    I don't think Apple should change the indicator at all. 3G is fine.

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