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iPhone 4s outselling all Android phones combined

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by mbell1975, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Doesn't surprise me. The iPhone is made by Apple, an American company. Most products do better on their home soil.

    Android is far more popular than iOS here in Europe.
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    Has zero to do with that. The Toyota Camry was the best selling car in America for over 10 years in a row, the Honda Accord and Civic were right behind it. Those are Japanese makers...
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    So how do you explain android having a larger worldwide market share and a larger market share in other continents, but not america? Or at least on those two networks...

    I could be wrong, but my guess is that Apple puts more into marketing and has more clout with the us carriers than elsewhere in the world.
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    Because this is looking at individual phones, not Android phones as a whole. When you combine every Android phone on Sprint and AT&T together, I am sure they sell more than the iPhone as its only one device. The whole marketshare thing is ridiculous anyways. First, they are including all the junk phones from Boost and Cricket and Metro PCS in those figures. Crap Android phones that sell for $49 or free when you sign up. Plus, you don't have to get a credit check and you can go month by month. Apple does nothing like that. Second, you are comparing ONE model to hundreds. Thats like saying Honda is better because they sold more cars in total than Toyota sold of the Camry. When you go phone for phone, yes, the iPhone outsells any other individual Android phone.
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    There are easy explanations. Android phones on ATT are mostly crap. Up until recently, the OS's on those phones were about as locked down as iOS. For people that tout Android and open source, this is not a good thing. Look at the phones launching on Sprint (or lackthereof). Sprint is riding the "we just got the iPhone wave". They haven't had a flagship phone since the EVO 3D, which launched before the 4S and was clearly overshadowed by Sprint marketing the living hell out of their newly acquired iPhone.


    You are stuck on the term better in this, and many of your posts, it seems. Having higher market share does not indicate whether you have a better product or not, just that more people use your product. Microsoft has dominated the computer OS market for years. They have a solid product now (referring to windows 7) but have had some flops, all of which were ALWAYS doing better than the competition. Was the product actually better? No... because, again, market share is not a measure of the uality of a product.
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    I've read the article and no where other than the title does it state that it outsells all handsets COMBINED.
    The data chart doesn't even support this statement.
    It shows it's the top seller for each carrier, but no actual sales numbers by device, you know the important part, are included.
    Simple math dictates that if it were outselling all of them COMBINED, iOS would have a much larger market share than Android and Android's market share would have decreased over the last quarter instead of increased.
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    Wirelessly posted

    No surprises. Just wait until iphone 5 comes out..
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    Android's marketshare DID decrease last quarter when the 4s came out. It went from 58% down to 53% I believe.
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    There are barely any flagship Android Phones out.

    Only Galaxy Nexus currently

    Xperia S has yet to become know
    HTC One Series has yet to be released
    Motorola hasn't announced its next top tier phone yet

    and of course

    Samsung Galaxy S3 hasn't even come out yet.
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    Last quarter was Jan-March. ;)
    You're thinking of Oct-Dec.
    iPhones always get a bump in numbers during the quarter they are released.
    Been that way since day one.
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    There is a new flagship Android phone every 3 months and the iPhone outsells every one of them LOL.
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    Of course different manufacturers produce flagship phones, its not a problem.

    iPhone has been present since 2007, Android hasn't started growing until late 2010/early 2011. Even with the iPhone having a headstart, Android still leads in marketshare,over 50% as compared to 30% on iOS. Rudimentary statistics knowledge is all that is necessary to understand that having one device with a large marketshare is hard to sustain for long term success.

    Android OS offers choice, iOS doesn't which is why I feel bad that everyone is forced to buy one edition of the iPhone if they want the latest one.
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    Logic has no place in this thread. All responses are supposed to be praising the iPhone.
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    Oh my I am so sorry


    *Runs for my life :D
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    Thats nice you feel bad for us poor, poor iPhone users. Yes, the many millions of us have no other choice in cell phones but Apple LOL

    This is why Android has taken a lead over Apple in marketshare. This was at a local grocery store, I have been seeing them everywhere. The phones all ranged from $29-$79. No credit checks, no contracts and month to month. The phones were all crap of course but people with bad credit who can't afford an iPhone or a data plan jump all over these. I won't be surprised to see these start turning up at 99 cent stores soon. Google doesn't care that they are licensing their OS out to complete garbage like this, they only care about pumping out as many Android handsets as possible. At least Apple has some dignity and standards :rolleyes:

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    good for apple. It will be interesting if we can see the sales figures after the releases this summer.
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    If Apple had any dignity thy would not be selling the oldest (and probably the crappiest) smart phone on the market - 3GS. Besides, Apple completely conceded high end smart phone market to Android: no 4G (Android has 4G), 512MB RAM (Android - 2x), 2 CPU cores max (Android - 2x), no HD screen (a few Android phones have them in AMOLED and LCD varieties), VGS from facing camera (Android - 5x), no memory cards etc. iPhone 4S is the most dated top of the line smart phone for all manufacturers.
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    Again I ask, why are you here? Looking at your most recent posts, all of them are either basing Apple, iOS or the iPhone. Be gone troll.
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    I am here for the same reason you are. In case you are confused - we are discussing iPhone sale numbers. And BTW, having a negative opinion is not trolling.
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    The same can be said about you claiming that Android devices are terrible for their battery life and that rooting the device is the only way to use it.

    In fact you even refer to Android as a "POS", If that's not trolling, then I don't know what is.

  22. ap3604, Apr 3, 2012
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    This is an IPHONE forum kid. If you don't like people saying bad things about Android, why don't you leave and go to an ANDROID forum.
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    So, you think this forum is the place where people should say only good things about Apple products? Like a religion or something?
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    I am on iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken and I'm not allowed to share my opinions?

    That is odd....

    Threatening someone over the internet.....A classic ineffective troll move

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