iPhone 5 $500? worth it or iPad Mini + 4S

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by WhiteIphone5, Feb 10, 2013.

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    May 27, 2011
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    im really confused on what i should buy, i have 550 to spend and looking at craigslist there are many iPhone 5's selling for about 500. should i go for it? because with 550 i can get an iPad mini and an iphone 4S but then i mean there are the same thing, iPad mini is just like a taller iPhone 4S so im confused.
    i do have another seller selling a Galaxy note 2 for 500. Im not sure, i mean sounds like a no brainer get the 4S and the iPad mini. But then theres the iphone 5 or a note 2 ugh.

    what would you guys do?
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    I would buy my iPhone on subsidy. No offense but in my mind, no phone is worth spending 500 dollars. I don't mind dropping 199 but 500 - not for me when I can get it cheaper.

    If you want the LTE and are deeply enmeshed in the apple ecosystem then get the iPhone 5. If you can live with 3G, the iPhone 4s makes sense. If don't mind android, well then the Galaxy S3 or Note II are excellent phones. Its your money and your decision.
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    if you go with the note 2...you will be instantly annoyed with the "one hand thumb stretching exercises" as your typing... i5 is an amazing phone and so universal in my opinion.

    if u spend alot of time on trains, offices, etc go note 2 slighty more than the i5

    if ur a more "on the go" surfer browser/texter...def i5

    hope this helps
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    note 2
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    i Love LTE but im not enmeshed in the Ecosystem, i have a Macbook Air, Mac Pro and Apple TV but i dont mind trying new things.
    i had an iphone 5 before but that was when i opened my account but for that i spent 200 not sure if its worth the $500,.
    the thing is the Note 2 is also 500 so im going like ughhh what do i do.
    thing is the Note 2 goes for 600 and im getting a deal at 500, im sure i can re-sell the Note 2 come june when the 5S releases but then again 500 like -.-. DO i love LTE YES! can i live without it? eh kinda yes, i have a HTC incredible and its OK


    have you previously owned an iPhone 4S or 5?


    i heard samung go this software thingy where you press this shortcut and it asks you if you're left or right handed and it optimized the software i guess so you can use with your hand.
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    Honestly, I'd go with the 4s and ipad mini. A year from now the 4s and mini will still be great devices. Just getting the 5 might entice you later on to spend more getting a mini or whatever ipad is out at that time. I kinda wish I didn't use my upgrade for the iPhone 5 but it's a great phone. But if I were in your shoes I would go with the 4s and Mini. But whatever you choose, you'll be happy.
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    I wouldn't get the mini yet. Wait till its updated with the retina display.

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