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iPhone 5 beats SG3 is just about every test

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by darster, Oct 21, 2012.

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    but...but....Android is open! :D
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    Or a good sized screen:apple:
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    But but s3 has grainy pentile screen
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    But, but... the S3 is made for humans! From nature, that is... :p
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    But, but, what about that cool trick where you touch phones to pass a playlist?:D
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    No, it doesn't. I have used it before I moved to Note 2 and is one of the best displays I've ever used.

    Stick to your liliputian display!
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    While I agree IPS > Pentile.. The last thing the Galaxy S3's display is would be grainy. It's a great display and produces great vivid (albeit sometimes slightly unnatural) colors.
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    'But iOS 6 has gotten rather refined and stable...so stable that it did not crash nearly as much as Android which made it a less exciting experience. That is why Android is a better operating system.'
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    It does? From what I've read it's quite good.

    From looking at mine, it's great.
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    Riveting, a newer phone is faster then an older phone. I'm willing to bet this is a trend we will continue to see as we always have....
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    it should be riveting; a dual core 1.3ghz cpu is besting a quad core 1.5ghz cpu.

    one of those is a large, power hungry beast and the other is an iPhone.
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    In a few months time when A15 powered phones are out, there will be dozens of people in these forums that will downplay any perceivable advantage of those new phones.

    Biases, don't you love them?
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    I love how iPhone users say they don't care about specs or features when comparing android devices and say "it's all about the user experience" yet they gloat over the exact same things if the iPhone comes out on top.
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    specs? the iphone 5 loses to the gs3 on specs.

    where the iphone is better is anytime you're using it. that's not a spec.
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    Edit. Didn't fully read article. My bad
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    I have an s3 US version and on geekbench it only gets 1350 points. and thats with an overclock so...

    Must be international:rolleyes:
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    I'm an iPhone guy, don't really compare specs. Most of the time I have an incredibly difficult time seeing the speed difference between the 4S and 5. So in real world how would a phone that is in between them in performance be all that earth shattering?

    This is as silly as when the S3 was trumping the older 4S. I'm sure a couple months from now there will be a faster Android phone out and we will have to hear about that and the cycle will continue.
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    what that means is the iphone 5's processor uses significantly less battery for the same or better performance. that means it can be thinner and lighter, and still run as long. differences between the 4s and 5 are easy to see when multitasking, or in battery life. my iphone 5 lasts significantly longer than my 4s did. enough that i don't need to worry about it at all for a day. that's a pretty big improvement to me.

    if i were using an android phone, it would have to be much bigger and heavier to get through the same usage. i'm very much enjoying not having an awkward bulge in my pants all day. androids will soon start shipping with a15 based SOCs. while it will improve performance over the iphone 5, it's a server oriented chip that's going to be even bigger and hungrier.



    some of the best battery testing i've seen in a while.
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    Just as a side note, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the new Nexus phone (more so than Galaxy Note 2).
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    ^they're getting bigger? You sure about that or making stuff up?

    Wow, thats a weird theory. Newer tech beating older tech, that's wild.
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    I'd rather enjoy it...
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    an appropriate bulge, yes. but then having to explain it's a phone? that's an awkward bulge.;)
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    +1. Came from android and I guess this is simply everywhere. On the forum i visit a lot, people were boasting that the iphone 4s was better than the older android phones and then different people were boasting that the newer android beats the iphone 4s.

    Although no one is really boasting, but still the same thing.

    Number of CPU cores doesnt even really matter for me. 4 cores doesnt mean it will always be better than 2 cores., if you know about computers, im sure you know why.

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