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iPhone 5 bent!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gfasciana, Sep 23, 2012.

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    I received my new iphone5 from Verizon from fed ex on Saturday, opened it up and it was bent and the volume buttons were jammed. I took it the apple store in summit mall (Akron Ohio) and they told me they would not replace it and accused me of damaging the phone myself. The "genius" at the apple store told me that a phone like mine would not have passed apples production inspection. Now I'm stuck with a broken iphone5 that I waited forever for.
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    Pics please?
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    Go back and throw a fit, or try another apple store. If that fails, return it to the Online store, get refunded and buy a new one.
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    If that had happened to me I wouldn't join a forum. I'd call Verizon. They shipped the phone. If it was damaged in transit, they should take care of you.

    Hopefully you purchased AppleCare+ with your new iPhone
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    1) pics please - normally everyone here takes ur word, but this is pretty outlandish.
    2) seriously? Scuff gate, rainbow screen gate, LTE gate, bent gate, no charger gate, etc.
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    There's already a similar tread on the forum, the phone was bent by the shipper. They called Apple CS who shipped out a new phone and a box to return the damaged phone.
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    Apple turned me down, so I went to the nearest verizon store, showed them the issue and they didnt have any in stock to replace but geared me towards the nearest store. The pic is what i just took to show you all how its lifted off of a flat surface. Also you can youtube bent iphone 5 to see another case of it.

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    Were all the plastic stickers from the manufacturer still on it? It's pretty tough for the Genius to argue you did it if all stickers were still on it (of course it's possible you bent it straight out of the box, but you should be given the benefit of the doubt). If/when this gets cleared up I would write a formal complaint regarding this Apple store and the Apple genius in question.
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    It does make you wonder, with the aluminum frame, if people are going to bend their phones by sitting down awkwardly or something. Time will tell I guess.
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    The genius in the store seriously belittled me telling me that my phone would have never passed apples "inspection" process and that I physically bent this myself. I can guarantee you that as soon as I take care of the situation Apple will hear about the customer service team at this specific location.
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    So you never answered my question though... did you remove the screen covers that all of these phones ship with?
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    I'm pretty sure I saw a pic of another bent iPhone 5 in another thread. I think the poster said they got it that way from FedEx or UPS like another box was put on top if it.
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    Call your credit card company and dispute the charge.
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    This baffles me. Apple claims that its harder to get a job with them than to get into Harvard. Someone I know went through 5 interviews before he was hired. I attended 2 hiring seminars with them and was not hired, but this guy gets to have a job there? I've been struggling to find long term work for quite some time. SMH. :(
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    Orange Furball

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    looks like someone put it in a back pocket and sat on it.
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    Not my video! I am trying to get apple care on the phone now to see if they can replace it and to report the issue.

    The phone came in brand new with all the stickers on it yes.
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    It's odd that someone would sign for a box that must have been crushed, deformed, or otherwise damaged. In order to bend the phone during shipment, outward signs would be readily apparent.
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    Or do the smart thing and call Apple instead.
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    the box from fed ex was perfect, even the apple box.
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    Maybe you damage it instead like the Apple Store told you :D how we know we can even trust you that you didn't break it.
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    Why would he purposely break a phone he has been waiting impatiently for months?

    How is anyone going to bend a phone like that anyway without snapping the glass and causing the paint to chip off?

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    Take several pictures of the box and phone, in case Apple ask.
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    You got the special edition with curved display, ala Galaxy Nexus.
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    If I were you, I would have told him to shut up and get a manager.

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