iPhone 5 screen scratches easier than I thought

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ndpitch, Sep 27, 2012.

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    A word of caution:

    Don't use anything but one of those lint free super soft clothes to clean your screen. I used my white t-shirt to rub off some finger prints and left some nice scratches behind. I'm not sure how a hard key won't scratch it (as seen in some video tests), but cloth will. Nevertheless, be careful.
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    It's contaminants in your shirt that you can't see very well, such as grit and maybe sand, not the cloth itself.
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    i call bs
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    I've wiped my 5 down with denim, cotton, and wool, and it hasn't scratched
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    Call whatever you want. I'm just trying to help you out.
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    Not normal. Even paper towel shouldn't scratch it. A few members have reported getting a phone with defective oleophobic coating so get it exchanged if it scratches that easily.
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    o_O Is your shirt made out of sandpaper by chance? This has proven to be a high quality display for me.
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    I use shirts, paper towels, sheets, and towels on my 5 all the time and have no issues.
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    Definitely calling this a case of mistaken culprit. I guarantee there was a grain of sand or something similar on your shirt.
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    Grain of sand could also be a mistaken culprit. Defective oleophobic coatings have been reported on past generation iPhones so all the OP needs to do is get it exchanged.
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    Exchange it is then. If they'll take it back I'll gladly swap it out. It came with one very small scratch on the screen that I was willing to look past. Bot now maybe I'll shoot for the exchange.
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    Due to still being within the 14 day return policy, I believe they have to accept an exchange.
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    ^ Haha, I love how beautifully that turned out. defectgate at its finest.
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    I don't get it. D: I'm sure you said everything fine, I just can't figure out what you're saying and feel dumb. >.<
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    if your shirt was clean it should not scratch it. I can see it scratching if something was on your shirt maybe.
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    LOL, almost spit out my tea on this one. SAND? Did he say "on my way back from the beach, I used my shirt"?

    Too funny.
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    i wipe my phone with alot more than a cotton shirt and the screen has NOT scratched 1 bit.

    the sides tho are a different story.
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    Pictures or it didn't happen. !!!!
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    This may or may not blow your mind but particles such as sand and grit can easily be blown onto your clothes via wind or if you sat on a park bench or even just ****ing around in your back yard, you don't need to be walking along Venice Beach for it to happen.
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    Okay boys and girls, let's think of this logically. The screen, regardless of any alleged defect in the oleophobic coating, is still made of Gorilla Glass 2, right? Or, more basically, it's still made of glass.

    Now, does cotton scratch glass?

    Class (in unison): "Noooooo!"

    That's right kids. I love physics.
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    Pics or GT_O!
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    It's possible you had a few small grains of sand either embedded in your shirt or somewhere on the surface of the glass. I scratched my iPhone 4's screen that way when I wiped the screen thinking that I was wiping off a piece of bread crumb--nope, it was a grain of sand!
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    We're talking about oleophobic coating here, not the glass itself. There have indeed been a few defective iPhones with oleophobic coating wearing off prematurely and they look terrible.

    Speaking of physics, if the OP is able to scratch the glass at will with cotton something is clearly defective.
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    Oh, I wasn't agreeing with him. I was just saying Apple will replace it.
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    The scratch most likely isn't in the glass. It's most likely in the coating. It's the same thing as washing your car improperly. If you use the wrong cloths or washmit, you scratch and swirl the hell out of the clear coat, not the actual metal beneath it.

    My suggestion was to use soft cloths on the screen, because my t-shirt in this circumstance scratched the screen. Again, most likely the coating, not the glass. But both are considered "the screen"

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