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iPhone 5 to Galaxy S4

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Bacong, Sep 23, 2013.

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    considering this tomorrow, few questions, sorry if these have been asked before. I did some searching.

    The sim cards are different, right? The AT&T rep should be able to provide the proper sim card I assume.

    Do I have to contact AT&T to change my data plan? Will it cost the same as my current "iPhone branded" data plan?

    With activation lock activated on my iOS 7 device..how do I assure that the person getting my iPhone 5 will be able to use it? I figure I'll restore, sign in with my apple ID, then delete the ID from the phone..or I could turn off Find My iPhone (and in conjunction, activation lock?)

    thanks for replies :)
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    Yes your carrier will give you a blank micro sim - they simply just activate it and hey presto your swapped.

    Here data plans are same regardless of smartphone, I would assume AT&T are the same, but check with them.

    Just do a restore in iTunes - the next person who puts their sim in the iPhone 5 and goes through the setup process will then activate the iPhone. You don't need to do anything but restore it.
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    When one restores, will iTunes force you to automatically update to iOS 7? (Sorry to hijack the thread :D)
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    No not necessarily, just download one of the 6.1.4 iOS packages available (google) and do a restore whilst holding down the control/alt key and pressing restore to select the 6.1.4 package.

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    But isn't that based on the same procedure as reverting back to iOS 6 when you've already installed 7? I.e. which has been made impossible since Apple has stopped "signing" (I'm not 100% on what this means :p) iOS 6 installations?

    Thanks for the reply btw and sorry if I'm confusing things :eek:
  6. MRU


    No as long as the device is on 6.1.4 or earlier you should have no trouble restoring to 6.1.4 manually. You will only be in trouble if the device is now running latest iOS 7 :)
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    Cool, so I just called the AT&T store and the guy said the data plan will automatically change and the sim card is free of charge :)

    As for restoring it, I'm just going to erase all content and settings.

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