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iPhone 5 with PPC iTunes 10.6.3 - Lightning to 30-pin adapter - anybody tried it?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jethryn Freyman, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Jethryn Freyman

    So, Apple's Lightning to oldschool 30-pin connector has begun shipping.


    As I understand it, the reason that currently PowerPC Macs can't use a Lightning iPhone 5 is because there is no Lightning driver for PPC.

    With this adapter, I'm hoping it can work... although I get the feeling that iTunes will just be blindly saying that NO iPhone 5 can work with a version of iTunes before 10.7.

    So yeah. If anybody here gets an adapter, tell me how it goes :)
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    I suspect you are right....
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    Won't work - just because you use the adapter doesn't eliminate the fact that you are still using a lightning cable - you still need drivers. There is also the fact that iTunes won't see your device as an iPhone 5 - the profile for the device isn't there.
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    iTunes will see that there is an iPhone connected, but it will tell you that the iPhone requires iTunes 10.7 or newer. The 10.7 requirement is in iOS in the iPhone. I can tell you exactly which file on the iPhone you need to change, but without a jailbreak and lots of file changing, it won't work.
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    If iTunes won't work, will iPhoto also not work

    Has anyone physically tried the lightning > USB adapter with their PPC yet?

    While I'm OK not dealing with iTunes for app and music management, I am curious as how I might get photos off my 5 and into the version of iPhoto on my PPC (other than using Image Capture on my wife's computer and importing them over the network).
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    I use Bluetooth to transfer photos from my old samsung phone to my computer.
    Could this not be made to work in your case?
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    I know that works with essentially every other phone in the world but I've never been able to get that to work with iDevices. There are apps out there that supposedly allow you to do that although I have no experience with them.
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    I just used Image Capture on a G4 to download pictures off an iPad mini – which has the same 10.7 requirement as iPhone 5. It should work fine in iPhoto.

    I used an app called PhotoSync for this. It's available on the App Store and worked pretty well syncing to a Windows PC.

    Please, do tell us.
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    I tried it with my 3Gs and iTunes 10.6.x and iTunes corrupted the phone. Lost all of the media on it and everything that iTunes syncs to it. No real loss, it was only test data.
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    Use the Dropbox app. Everything in the Camera Roll will download to a Dropbox folder named Camera Uploads. You can use that to store your pics on Dropbox, or you can move the photos out to your Pictures folder. From there, I'd think it would be an easy matter to get the images into iPhoto.

    Note that you have to open the Dropbox app each time you want photos to transfer, but transfer is automatic when you open it.

    You can also very easily use the Dropbox app to transfer photos from your PC/Mac to your camera roll. Just view the photo and then press the arrow to the bottom right. Dropbox will give you the option to save the file to your camera roll.

    Keep in mind that since this is synced, once you transfer from your PC/Mac to the camera roll, the app sees the new images as new in the camera roll and so will then automatically download them back to the Camera Uploads folder. Just delete them from there if you don't want duplicates on your computer.

    P.S. Dropbox has a free space thing going on right now. So every image that gets uploaded to the camera uploads folder, collectively, over time will gain you up to 3GB of additional Dropbox space.
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    Jethryn Freyman

    Yeah that makes sense, I find it strange that Apple tells this even to PPC owners who *can't* download iTunes 10.7 [well, they can, it'll just not work ;)]

    Haven't heard of it yet, but when I do I shall report back.

    I connect my 5 to my Power Mac, import them with Image Capture, and then do as I so please.

    Yeah Apple has iOS locked down pretty tight :(

    Respect man, you are now like the Neil Armstrong of Macrumors PPC, boldy going. etc.

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