iPhone 5s Blue screen of death and reboot

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    So I got my iPhone 5s yesterday and set everything up when I got home. I started playing around with it and all of a sudden the screen blue and the the phone rebooted. I thought maybe this was just a one-off issue and thought nothing of it.

    but the issue kept happening. I noticed that it happened whenever I was using either the ESPN Scorecenter or Numbers apps. Very bizzare I thought so I recorded a video of this happening and headed to the Apple store. Of course I couldn't reproduce the problem in front of the genius but the video helped and they gave me a brand new replacement.... I backed up from my iCloud and stayed in the store for nearly an hour playing around with the phone. Later on while doing some shopping I open numbers and there it goes again! :confused:

    So I'm guessing its a software issue and going back for another replacement won't help. this is frustrating because I don't see anything online about anyone else having this issue.

    Video below

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    At the alternatives section.
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    Well maybe if people weren't clickin' around like a chicken with it's head cut off, telling the mini computer to do this and that and this and that all willy nilly...

    I almost forgot- they've got to make them "American" proof.

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    It just happened to me. Listening to a podcast with downcast, phone was on the home screen. Then sudden blue screen and reboot.
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    Happened to me on my 5s while exiting Keynote last night.
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    I wonder if this 7.0.2 update addresses this. my phone is not showing the update yet.
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    Bought my 64 gb ATT 5S early yesterday morning, restored with my old 5's backup and everything worked as intended until just now. I woke up in the middle of the night remembering something I needed to tend to, grabbed it off the nightstand, hit the home button to wake it up and now it's in an endless loop. Spinning wheel for a long time, white background with apple logo, blue screen, black screen, repeat, repeat, repeat. Searched online and came across this thread and others. Tried to restore it to no avail. Looked for more info and learned about DFU mode. Trying for the third time to restore it that way, but the 7.0.2 download fails about midway. Good grief.
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    seems like it's worse for some users than others. For me it just happens when running numbers or ESPN scorecenter.... I saw a macrumors user whose iPhone was on a infinite blue screen and reboot loop. This is becoming very widespread... I'm surprised it hasn't been reported anywhere.
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    I have a 16GB 5S that I set up using the backup from my previous iPhone (as instructed when going from one iPhone to the next). I got the BSOD and reboot, as well as numerous app crashes, finally driving me to the Apple store today. The tech there said that looking at the device history (they're able to pull up the full record of crashes and failures) it seemed to be software related, and it could be tied to having set up the phone off of the backup. So, he had me wipe the phone completely clean, and reset it up as a new iPhone, only connecting to iCloud to retrieve my Contacts. I lost all of my apps (and progress within apps that don't store to a remote server), photos, text messages, the whole enchilada. I was told that if it happened again after wiping it, to bring it back to Apple and they would replace it as that would indicate a hardware issue. I'm not sure if I should hold my breath or not. I've already had two apps crash on me, and I hardly have anything open that would be killing the memory available. Incidentally, I've noticed that this thing gets really hot. Like, if it was my 4S, I would've had temperature warnings before it got half as hot as this thing gets. Possibly that's related? I tried explaining that to the Apple tech, but since it never triggered a warning in the system, he couldn't get a reading on that, and it's hard to duplicate when it's going to suddenly burn with the force of 10,000 suns, lol. I will try and keep you guys posted. It does seem like several people are having this issue though. The Apple guy acted like I was the first person he'd heard of experiencing this....
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    Man, I love your avatar and your signature.

    Hope you -actually, Apple- find a solution for that issue.
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    Troll much?
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    Sometimes, yeah... I like to point out certain things from time to time. Sue me.
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    Same problem

    I am having exactly the same problem with my phone. I'd love the answer, or for Apple to sort it out quick smart. It's happened about 15 times today and I'm over it!
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    Looks like Apple has chosen to publicly ignore the issue... They will probably release an ios update and hide it under the guise of "bug fixes" :rolleyes:

    I don't really care as long as they get it fixed with the next update. If the next update does not address this and they don't acknowledge the problem, then I'll be mighty pissed.
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    Yeah they didn't really acknowledge the issue when I called them. They just said they'd replace it without asking any questions.
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    I took my 5s to the Genius Bar today and they told me that the blue screen is an indication that the nand is corrupted and the phone needs to be replaced. Of course my warranty expired 25 days ago. So who else wants to start a class action suit? Because I certainly don't want to pay $260 for a new phone especially when I spent 300 last year.
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    I bought my 5S just over a year ago - it's in mint condition other than the BSOD issue and just keeps restarting over and over and over and over and.....It will not enter restore mode or DFU mode. In fact when hooked up to iTunes for a restore (which I've been only able to do twice) it spit out a restore error 4008 or something. The other time it simply could not find the iPhone at all which came with another error code and now it won't even register at all.

    I rather doubt I'll be able to get to an Apple Store in time to make it before the warranty expires as the nearest store is 70 miles away and I can't take time off for work.

    When I do go next week and they tell me "too bad" and that "it's a hardware issue" and "the warranty is over", you better bet I'm going to start a class action suit on pure principal. From the threads I've seen this issue hasn't been resolved AT ALL, regardless of software updates, and seems to be occurring on the 6 as well.

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