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iPhone and iPod Engineering VP David Tupman Leaves Apple

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Apple's vice president for iPhone and iPod engineering David Tupman has left the company, according to 9to5Mac. While not a member of the senior executive team, Tupman spent a decade at Apple and has been considered to be one of the key iOS hardware executives reporting to senior vice president Bob Mansfield.
    Tupman's future plans remain unknown, although we understand that he has been taking some personal time following his long term of service at Apple.

    Apple is said to be searching internally for Tupman's replacement, but has apparently not yet named a successor.

    Article Link: iPhone and iPod Engineering VP David Tupman Leaves Apple
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    While it's a bit concerning (and sad) to see him go, (and it's not clear exactly why he left Apple) I'm sure Apple can find someone else to fill his position. Sure nobody can be easily 'replaced' exactly.

    But thank you David for the advancements on the iPod & iPhone! Wow has it really been that long since the first iPod... :eek:
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    Interesting. Why are these Apple employees leaving when they have such momentum going?
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    Some would say "quit while you're ahead". Others would say "turnover happens". I really don't think there's anything to suggest a panic / abandon ship event.
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    Nice to see macrumors burying this story.

    I guess it's not as big as Patent lawsuit #1056 or a fast food place buying iPads.
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    Maybe they make him put crazy amounts of time in, and he just can't sacrifice anymore family time.

    Just my whacky theory for today.
  9. *LTD*, Feb 7, 2012
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    He's key, but not Scott Forstall or Jony Ive key.

    And he can also be replaced quite effectively by Director of iPod and iPhone Engineering Vic Alessi (who worked directly with Tupman), or even VP of iPhone and iPod Design Steve Zadesky.

    In any case, Tupman likely left for a better offer elsewhere, or family reasons - who knows, but likely not because Apple is doomed or whatever, LOL. Apple's got the next 5 years in the bag, easily.
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    Maybe he actually does want personal time? I could retire on his money, I'm sure. But it never is that way, is it?
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    I spent 5 years working at a Fortune 500 company and then quit, couldn't stand it anymore. It actually was a good job, I got paid a ton of money, and it was a great working environment and I worked with really great people. Point is, it's just hard to work at the same place and do the same thing for many years, no matter how cool it is. At some point you want a change, want to try something new. That point comes at different times for different people, but expecting people to stay at a company for their entire career is pretty unrealistic these days, that happened in the 1950s but is very rare now.
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    After all that has come out about the inherent culture of mistrust that new hires are met with I would imagine that working for Apple takes a toll on a person.
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    I believe Mansfield and Alessi are both ex-SGIers, they might have a long history of working together and understand each other's style.
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    Ok, whats going on?

    A number of Apple folks have been jumping ship. Do they know something that the rest of us don't?:confused:
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    I remember reading sometime ago that Forstall was a bit of a trouble maker. Maybe this has something to do with it?
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    He needs time off to figure out how to spend the millions he has made on stock options. :)
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    Yes, I'm concerned about the direction of MR articles lately.
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    That's a joke.... right?
    At least, tell me you're not referring to the beast that is 30-pin... right?
    Because it's one of the largest phone power/sync adapters on the market!
    (Especially with nearly all other manufacturers standardizing to micro-usb.)
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    They're talking about the power adapter (i.e. the part that goes into the plug), not the standard apple connector for iOS devices.
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    Excellent points. I would add that 10 years at Apple, especially in his role, is similar to 20 years at most other Fortune 500's. :apple:
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    See people. This is why issuing stock to executives is important. Maybe if they had tossed 200,000 shares to this guy with a cash in date of 2021, he'd stick around for a while.
  22. Mal
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    Hah. That's funny. The fact that Apple doesn't trust every newcomer before they prove themselves is going to make a 10+ year veteran of the company leave?

    You should start a comedy club.

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    I agree.
    5 years in a row at one single company is My maximum.
    Heck, nowadays for every year I work I take at least one year of(Truth), for every year I work in the "west" I can live a couple of years in a developing country:D
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    And yet others would say "unbearable grudge for not getting promoted to VP."
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    LOL..well said..

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