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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by boiee, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Hi guys. My friend recently bought an iPhone and she wants me to help her set it up. Problem is she is going to be away for the weekend and she will not have access to her computer. I was wondering if I can set her iPhone up on my computer and still let her computer act as the "home" computer for the iPhone when she gets back for the weekend? I know you can manually manage songs and videos, but as for the AT&T account, will the iPhone recognize my computer as the "home" computer or is she just going to end up restoring the whole thing when she has access to her computer? Thanks for all the help. I did a search and nothing of this nature came up :(
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    Use a different account on your computer and set its iTunes to her account, then connect. After that, she can then reset it to think of her comptuer as the 'home' computer. You just need to make sure it is linked to her iTunes Account.

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    thanks! Also, does it matter if its on two different OSs? I have a Mac she's on Windows?
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    iphone says my Macbook is "unsupported"

    I'm astonished how difficult it is to transfer some data between my friends iPhone 4 who is visiting and my MacBook (OS 10.5.8, Bluetooth Software Version: 2.1.9f10).

    All I want to do is get a copy of the photos we took. Why is this so complicated?

    Attempt 1:
    - we set both devices' Bluetooth to "discoverable". I then did a set up bluetooth device procedure on my Macbook. After pairing the devices and entering the key in the iphone, the iphone said "Bill's MacBook" is not supported - Forget this device. Is it possible that an iphone doesn't support an Apple computer's bluetooth?

    Attempt 2:
    - connected his iphone to my Macbook with a USB cable. The phone promptly said "Sync started" and opened my itunes. The iphone device then appears in the iTunes list of devices that can be synced. But I don't want to synchronise with this iphone - I'm too worried about it interfering with my photos or address book or whatever, I just want to get a copy of some of the photos on the iphone.

    Anyone know an easier way of doing this?

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    You shouldn't be using iTunes for that anyways. To keep iTunes from automatically syncing his iPhone to your Macbook go into preferences the devices and check 'Prevent iPhone from Automatically Syncing".

    Then use iPhoto to get copies of the pics off his phone.
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    Plug in his phone. Stop iTunes from trying to sync. (Or do as b-rad g suggests and turn off auto-syncing BEFORE you plug it in.)

    Open the application 'Image Capture.'

    Drag photos from Image Capture to Finder.

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    Stop the sinc and then use iphoto. Iphoto should find the phone automatically and ask if you want to import...
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    What if you dont own a mac?
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    Then just go to "My Computer" and find the phone and open it just like you would a mass storage drive. When you open it all the pics will be there just copy them to your desktop.
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    Heck didnt even know or remember you could do that lol. I remember having to email myself a picture if I wanted to save it. Been away from the Iphone a bit, currently on an inspire 4g, thinking really hard about the white iphone 4 though.

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